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8 products

At Ecovibe we firmly believe you should have access to eco-friendly period care options. Commercial period care can be incredibly wasteful and harmful. From wasteful packaging to harmful chemicals and perfumes used on sanitary products there are many reasons to switch to an eco-friendly alternative. We have biodegradable and organic disposable options as well as reusable ones.

What are the most environmentally friendly period products?

Traditional period care products are not considered to be eco-friendly as they are not biodegradable and contain harmful perfumes. Anything that is biodegradable, reusable and natural is therefore considered to be better. We have a variety – from biodegradable pads to menstrual cups.

Which is more eco-friendly, pads or tampons?

When it comes to commercial products, both pads and tampons are considered to be harmful to the environment. Neither of these products break down quick enough – and especially when you consider the packaging - such as tampon applicators. However, at Ecovibe we have biodegradable alternatives for both – so you make a simple switch and live a more sustainable life.

What are eco-friendly menstrual products?

There are a range of eco-friendly menstrual products – it all depends on personal preference and lifestyle. We have biodegradable options for both tampons and pads – as well as reusable options. Or, we have menstrual cups for those who would prefer to try a new reusable option.