Organic Makeup Remover

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      12 products

      Switching up your makeup removal routine, and products is one of the simple switches you can make to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Disposable cotton pads, as well as makeup wipes, contribute to the extensive waste produced by the beauty industry – by replacing these items with reusable alternatives you can massively reduce your waste. Reusable makeup remover pads and micellar water work a treat to remove your makeup, cleanse your skin and help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only are reusable cotton pads better for the environment but they are of a much higher quality and save you money in the long term.  

      How do you remove makeup in an eco-friendly way? 

      Your makeup removal routine is one of the best places to start when it comes to making sustainable switches. Standard makeup removal items such as wipes and cotton pads produce a great deal of waste – therefore switching these to reusable pads is a great place to start. Additionally, natural and gentle cleansers are fantastic for removing all the makeup, grime and dirt after a long day – use these with reusable cotton pads, or wash cloths.  

      What is the best natural makeup remover?  

      There are various options when it comes to natural makeup removers – to start you off we have micellar water that does everything in one. Not only that but it is gentle and free of fragrance and essential oils. Alternatively, we have a range of cleansing balms and bars – or, you could DIY it and use natural oils such as coconut oil to break down the make-up and then wipe it away with reusable cotton pads. 

      What can I use to remove makeup instead of wipes? 

      Makeup wipes are one of the worst culprits when it comes to waste – therefore, switching these for a sustainable alternative can go a long way. Instead of wipes, you can use a cleanser such as micellar water with reusable cotton pads. This way you can gently cleanse your skin and produce no waste in the process.