Vegan Makeup

      15 products

      15 products

      Unfortunately, when it comes to conventional makeup items there are a few concerns you can run into. A great deal of makeup is covered in wasteful, plastic packaging and is made up of harmful ingredients. By switching to organic, eco-friendly and vegan alternatives you can not only live more sustainably but your skin may thank you for it too! We have a collection of vegan, cruelty free makeup that utilises plastic-free, refillable packaging – helping you to reduce waste.  

      How can I make my makeup eco-friendly?  

      There are various ways you can look to improve the sustainability of your makeup products. First of all, look to use makeup products that use reusable packaging and plastic alternatives. Additionally, choosing brands that are cruelty free and non-toxic will be less harmful for your skin and the environment.  

      What makeup brands are eco-friendly?  

      The range of makeup we stock at Ecovibe is organic, eco-friendly and vegan. Using reusable, plastic-free packaging you can reduce waste and be sure your makeup is kind to your face.