Kitchen Cleaning

      32 products

      32 products

      Keeping a clean kitchen can be a challenge – constantly in use you probably find yourself cleaning your kitchen more than you would like to. With our range of eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products, you can be sure that no matter how often you clean your kitchen, you aren’t wasting products or plastic. We have everything you need for an eco-friendly kitchen from biodegradable bin liner and compostable sponges to dishwashing soap bars and even full bundles to get you started! Not only we have everything you need to clean your kitchen – but we have a range of reusable food storage to help you on your eco journey.  

      What kitchen cleaning products are environmentally friendly?  

      Standard kitchen cleaning products may not only contain harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients but also plastics. Therefore, can be harmful to the environment. At Ecovibe we have a large range of eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products – such as compostable rubber gloves, plastic free cleaning sachets that are made in the UK and compostable sponges. 

      How can I make my kitchen cleaner eco-friendly?  

      The best way to make a kitchen cleaner that is eco-friendly is to use only natural ingredients – and then use a reusable bottle to store it. Check out our blog for more information on DIY cleaning. Alternatively, we have a collection of cleaning products that are primarily made from natural materials and are non-toxic. 

      How do I clean my kitchen daily? 

      With our collection of compostable sponges, natural scourers, sponge clothes and cleaning sachets you will have everything you need to keep your kitchen clean on a daily basis. To get started, check out our kitchen cleaning kit which has everything you need.