Natural Hair Styling

      7 products

      7 products

      The beauty industry produces a great deal of waste across different products from haircare and skincare to make-up. Typically, a lot of beauty and hair products contain a lot of plastic and toxic chemicals which can end up polluting our planet and harming marine life. At Ecovibe, we have a hair styling range that is kind to the planet – complete with bamboo hairbrushes and eco-friendly dry shampoo.

      Are bamboo brushes good for your hair?

      Yes. Not only are bamboo brushes far better for our planet than their plastic alternatives but wooden and bamboo brushes are actually great for your hair. There is less snagging and hair breakage with bamboo brushes than with plastic ones and they are much more durable.

      Are hairbrushes biodegradable?

      Commercial plastic hairbrushes are not biodegradable – they can end up in landfill where they may never break down completely. Bamboo hairbrushes on the other hand are 100% biodegradable. They are durable and long-lasting but when you are ready to dispose of them – they will break down completely.

      Is dry shampoo eco-friendly?

      Commercial dry shampoos can be incredibly damaging for the environment. Not only due to the aerosol bottles they are sold in, but they also contain great deal of harmful chemicals. Instead, you can shop eco-friendly dry shampoo with us that is made of natural ingredients and comes in a recyclable glass jar.