Hair Grooming & Shaving

      7 products

      7 products

      We have a range of eco-friendly hair, grooming and shaving kits perfect for Christmas! Help your loved ones get started on their own eco-journeys with everything they need to start a sustainable haircare routine. Our sets have everything they need to get started, whether it is with sustainable shaving or haircare.

      What is included in your shaving kits?

      Our shaving kits include a stainless-steel razor, shaving soap bar, 5 razor blades and a hand & body cream. You can choose from either a black or rose gold razor - and every item is recyclable!

      What is included in your haircare sets?

      Our haircare sets include everything you need to get started with a new eco-friendly haircare routine. We have sets that include shampoo and conditioner bars, in a variety of scents. Additionally, you can get sets that include products for both hair & body.