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      9 products

      Investing in reusable food storage is one of the many ways you can reduce plastic-waste and stop using single use plastics. Often, single use plastics are used for packed lunches, food storage and travelling. However, now we have plenty of greener alternatives – from reusable food wraps, storage containers and plenty of options for taking food on your travels. Whether that is reusable sandwich bags, or a variety of Tupperware for taking salads with you.  

      How do you store food in an eco-friendly way?  

      There are various ways you can store food in a sustainable way. In general, as long as you are storing food in reusable containers that is sustainable. If you use things such as single use zip lock bags, cling film or sandwich bags then you may want to consider switching these to reusable alternatives.  

      What can I use to replace cling wrap?  

      Plastic wrap, or cling film cannot be recycled and therefore can create a great deal of plastic waste. Instead, you can use reusable wraps such as beeswax wraps or reusable silicone wraps – these produce little to no waste and therefore are much better for the environment.  

      What can you use to wrap a sandwich with instead of cling film? 

      Typically the standard options for wrapping a sandwich are single use – such as cling film or plastic bags. However, there are plenty of reusable alternatives such as beeswax wraps, reusable silicone bags and wraps.