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      8 products

      Take good care of your skin and the planet with our range of face & body scrubs. Typically, skincare products can be harmful for the environment – due to the amount of plastic used for packaging, as well as potential micro-plastics in the products themselves. With our range you can be sure you are treating both your skin and the planet with care.

      Are body scrubs eco-friendly?

      Depending on the ingredients used, body scrubs can be eco-friendly. We use natural and sustainably sourced ingredients in all our face & body scrubs to ensure they are as kind to the planet as possible. In addition to that – we don’t use plastics so there is far less waste than with traditional products.

      What is the best natural scrub?

      There are a few different options for natural scrubs – we love using repurposed coffee grounds in our scrubs. These are sustainably sourced and make for a great natural exfoliant – clearing any dead skin and leaving skin invigorated.