Organic Face & Body Oil

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      2 products

      Face & body oils are all the rage – great for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. However, some traditional products aren’t so great for the planet. At Ecovibe – we have plenty of face & body oils which are just as effective that make use of sustainable ingredients and zero-waste packagaing to provide your skin with nourishment.

      Can I use body oil as face oil?

      Some body oils do double as face oils but it all depends on the ingredients. Some natural oils might be too heavy for facial skin or have a tendency to cause breakouts. Some good natural oils that work well on the face are: rose hip oil, jojoba oil and marulla oil.

      Can you use body oil instead of a lotion?

      Yes, oil is much heavier than lotion so can often be much more hydrating. However, you can use both together for a luxurious, hydrating treatment.

      Should face oil be used before or after moisturiser?

      There is quite a lot of debate around whether oil should be used before or after moisturiser – and whilst you can do whatever you feel is best for your skin it is recommended that oil be the last step in your skincare routine as it is the heaviest product and can therefore penetrate the skin through every other product.