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      2 products

      Choosing to use eco-friendly eyeshadow can help to reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce. Traditional beauty products unfortunately contain a lot of plastic and plastic packaging – which ends up in landfill. With our range of eyeshadows, you will find no plastic – instead we use sustainable packaging that can be refilled and reused.

      What cosmetics are eco-friendly?

      Many cosmetic products are sold in vast amount of plastic packaging – which can then end up in landfill and won’t biodegrade. Any cosmetic products that therefore don’t use plastic packaging, and instead use sustainable and refillable options are better for the environment.

      What makes your eyeshadows eco-friendly?

      Our eyeshadow palettes are completely refillable and recyclable – they contain no plastic and aren’t wasteful. Therefore, they are a much better alternative to commercial products which tend to use plastic packaging.