Natural Eye Care

      2 products

      2 products

      At Ecovibe we know how important it is to take good care of the skin around your eyes – after all it is one of the most delicate places on the face. Where traditional eye care products use plastic packagaing and potentially toxic chemicals we only use natural ingredients and do not use plastic in our products. Eco-friendly skin care products are just as effective as commercial products, without the nasty additives.

      What makes a good natural eye cream?

      Natural eye creams do not contain the same harmful chemicals that some traditional products use – instead the ingredients are much gentler and kinder to skin. Any eye creams that are hydrating and kind to sensitive skin will be ideal for protecting and treating the delicate skin under the eyes.

      What makes your eye creams eco-friendly?

      Our eye creams, unlike commercial products, do not contain any harmful ingredients that may irritate your skin and cause harm to the environment or contain any plastics.