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      6 products

      Sometimes there is nothing more fun than spending some time in the kitchen, cooking & baking. So much so, that it might not have crossed your mind to wonder how you can make your kitchen eco-friendlier. At Ecovibe, we have everything you need to have wonderful experiences in the kitchen – cooking to your hearts content, whilst knowing that everything you are doing has a positive impact on our planet.

      How can you be environmentally friendly when cooking?

      There are a variety of ways you can be kinder to the environment when cooking. First of all, using environmentally friendly cookware can help to ensure you are taking the right steps to living a greener lifestyle. In addition to this – making sure you buy local ingredients and reduce food waste as much as possible can all contribute to a more sustainable way of cooking.

      What is the greenest way to cook?

      In terms of foods themselves, local produce is your best bet – this can help to reduce your carbon footprint and support your local economy. In addition to this using eco-friendly cookware such as bamboo chopping boards and cooking using a gas stove can all help you live a greener lifestyle. You may be surprised to know gas stoves are greener – but this is because the fuel is directly used for cooking rather than coming from another source as with electric hobs.

      Is aluminium foil bad for the environment?

      Yes, actually foil can be even worse than cling film. Not only because of the waste – but because of the way foil is made. It uses fossil fuels, and the process takes a lot of energy. You can reduce your foil usage but reusing it wherever possible or switching to eco-friendly food wraps.