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      24 products

      Being more sustainable at home is important – and there is plenty that can be done in the kitchen. You might be surprised at just how much plastic, and plastic waste is produced by your kitchen – from things like cling film and plastic bags to disposable cutlery and single use plates and cups for food on the go. Instead, we have plenty of alternatives – from beeswax sandwich bags to wooden cutlery.

      How can I make my kitchen eco-friendly?

      There are a number of ways you can make your kitchen eco-friendlier. First, it starts when you go food shopping – make sure to take your reusable bags with you! In your kitchen, try to use eco-friendly cleaning products and make some swaps from single use plastics like cling film to reusable options.

      What do you mean by eco-friendly kitchen?

      An eco-friendly kitchen can mean different things to different people. In our eyes, an eco-friendly kitchen is one that minimises single use plastics, uses eco-friendly cleaning products and reduces food waste.