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      8 products

      Traditional conditioning products not only come in plastic bottles, contributing to the amount of waste that can end up in landfill – but they can also contain a number of chemicals that you otherwise would not be putting on your hair. We have a range of plastic-free conditioners that are tailored to a variety of hair types and goals – from conditioning bars to refillable options.

      Why is conditioner bad for the environment?

      Conditioner can be damaging for the environment and water supplies in two major ways – first of all due to the chemicals contained in the product itself and secondly due to the amount of plastic packaging commercial products are sold in.

      What hair products are eco-friendly?

      There are actually a number of eco-friendly hair products you can switch to – these simple switches can really help to make a difference. By switching to refillable options, or using shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottles you can reduce waste and by swapping out your standard products for natural alternatives you can reduce the number of chemicals you are using.

      What is the safest hair conditioner?

      Traditional conditioning products contain a number of potentially harmful ingredients that are dangerous to aquatic life and can have a negative affect on your hair and skin too. Our conditioning products are much safer – whether you’re looking for a conditioning bar or refillable conditioners we have natural, cruelty free products for you to choose from.