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      4 products

      Swapping your cleaning products to eco-friendly alternatives is one of the easiest ways you can reduce waste in your home. Start by making a few simple switches to our fantastic plastic-free cleaning products. Not only do we have an extensive range of natural and non-toxic cleaning liquids and washing up soaps but we also have a collection cleaning brushes to help you out. However, you prefer to clean – whether it be with liquids, soap bars or powders we have an eco-friendly alternative for you.  

      What are the best eco-friendly cleaning products?  

      The best eco-friendly cleaning product will vary depending on the task at hand. At Ecovibe we have a range of cleaning products that can be used for targeted cleaning – from bathroom products, kitchen cleaners and dish soap to toilet and bath cleaner.  

      What cleaning products have no chemicals?  

      The majority of our cleaning products are free from chemicals, and made from mostly natural ingredients.All our products are readily biodegradable, so they don’t pollute water streams. Unlike traditional cleaning products. We work hard to ensure our products are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals so you can be sure you are using the most natural products, whilst still getting the cleaning power you need.  

      Is there an eco-friendly bleach? 

      Hydrogen peroxide is considered to be an eco-friendly bleaching product. However, traditional bleach products such as toilet bleach contain a number of harmful chemical – making them harmful to the environment. Instead of toilet bleach, we have a toilet cleaner which ensures a deep clean whilst still being gentle on the environment and non-toxic.