Cards & Gift Wrap

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      3 products

      Who doesn’t love giving presents to their loved ones? Unfortunately, standard cards and gift wrap can be harmful to the environment. At Ecovibe, our collection of cards & gift wrap is made with the planet in mind – it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. You will find a wide range of both cards and gift wrap to choose from as well as gift bags, tags and even Christmas themed tape!

      What makes your cards & gift wrap eco-friendly?

      Traditional cards and gift wrap unfortunately contain a high amount of microplastics, and glitter which can be incredibly damaging to the planet. Instead, our range is plastic-free, biodegradable & compostable as well as recyclable.

      What else do you stock in your Christmas range?

      In addition to Christmas cards and gift wrap, we carry a variety of Christmas decorations, and Christmas gifts for the whole family – all of which can help you live a greener lifestyle.