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      4 products

      Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful smelling home? We know we do. However, sometimes candles and diffusers can be harmful to the environment – whether it be through the use of unsustainable and unethically sourced ingredients, or unnecessary plastic packaging. At Ecovibe you can find plant based alternatives that use high-quality natural oils to create blissful and rich fragrances to fill your home.

      Are scented candles eco-friendly?

      Traditional scented candles aren’t always eco-friendly. This is usually because they don’t use sustainably sourced wax or scents. Instead make sure to purchase natural candles – such as those made from beeswax or clean-burning plant based waxes and natural oils.

      Are diffusers eco-friendly?

      Reed diffusers are one of the most eco-friendly options of diffuser as they don’t use any electricity, heat or water to fill your home with a beautiful scent. Just make sure that your reed diffuser is using ethically sourced ingredients and is as natural possible.

      Are reed diffuser sticks recyclable?

      Reed diffusers are great for the environment as the glass jars are recyclable and reusable, and the reeds themselves tend to be made from bamboo which is biodegradable and a sustainable material.