Bathroom Cleaning

      18 products

      18 products

      At Ecovibe we know that keeping a clean bathroom is essential – which is why we have curated an impressive collection of eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products to help keep your bathroom sparkling. We have everything you need including eco-friendly toilet cleaning products, compostable sponges and bathroom cleaner sachets. Not only that, but you can also find all the bathroom cleaning accessories you need to give you a helping hand – from glass spray bottles to coconut scourers. Not sure where to start? We have a selection of eco-friendly bathroom cleaning bundles to get you started.

      What is a good non-toxic bathroom cleaner?

      All our anti-bacterial cleaning sachets are made in the UK non-toxic and soluble – meaning you can be sure you’re not using harmful chemicals, know you are reducing waste and your carbon footprint. Not only that but if you are looking for non-toxic toilet and bath cleaners, we have you covered with both these. They are great for deep cleaning whilst being gentle on the environment.

      Is vinegar good for cleaning bathrooms?

      Vinegar is a great natural cleaning product and actually has various uses – it can be great for cleaning bathrooms. There are a few ways to use it – however, one of the best is to mix it with some water and pop it in a spray bottle for a quick clean of your bathroom tiles, bath and shelving. Whilst vinegar is good for light cleaning applications, for a deeper clean we have a range of anti-bacterial cleaning sachets and non-toxic toilet and bath cleaners.

      How can I clean my bathroom with eco-friendly products?

      Eco-friendly products work in the same way as your standard cleaning products – they do just as good of a job but with less waste and less harmful chemicals. You can use our cleaning sachets in spray bottles for a thorough clean of your entire bathroom – and then use specific products such as toilet cleaner for deeper cleans.