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We’re launching on John Lewis & Partners website!

We’re so excited to announce that this week, we’re launching some of our eco-friendly cleaning products on the John Lewis & Partners website. This opportunity sees us launch our products into our first major retailer, giving John Lewis & Partners customers the option to purchase sustainable cleaning options. Working with John Lewis & Partners will see some of our most popular eco-alternative products, including antibacterial cleaning sachets, a glass spray bottle and compostable sponges sold on the national department stores website from February. Working with a retailer like John Lewis & Partners is a major milestone for us on our mission to creating a greener, cleaner future. The John Lewis & Partners website attracts millions of visits and purchases each month so we’re really excited to see the growth of our environmentally-conscious brand.

At EcoVibe we believe everyone can make changes to reduce their impact on the planet and a great place to start is within the home. We are committed to helping consumers reduce their impact by providing sustainable simple switches for everyday life. Starting with cleaning products is a great way to reduce your plastic waste and cut carbon emissions whilst generating the same great results. We’re confident that John Lewis & Partners customers are going to love our sustainable swaps for their everyday, household cleaning items. 

Over the past year, the pandemic has prompted a shift in consumer behaviour towards environmentally friendly and sustainable products, with more than a third (36%) of Brits saying that they’re buying products from companies with strong environmental credentials. A further 80% say they are planning to purchase goods and services from environmentally friendly businesses, according to a research report from E.ON.

This change has reflected positively on our sales, triggering a surge in demand and a rise in orders for plastic-free products. In March 2020, website sales increased by 49% compared to the previous month and 4102% compared to March 2019. 

Ensuring we stay true to our brand values, EcoVibe is an avid supporter of Rainforest Trust UK, donating a percentage of our revenue for every order placed through our website. We’ve already saved over 63 acres of rainforest to offset carbon emissions and give back to the environment.


  • Usha

    Good luck.

  • Barry Devonshire

    It great the products will be on a mainstream website. It is so simple really, soap does not need to be in plastic bottles. Laundry sheets and bars of shampoo and soap.
    The next step is to get them on the supermarket shelfs !!

  • Mandy

    That is great to hear. I use your 30L & 50L bin liners. Is it possible to print the no’s on the bin liners. I get confused which is which & have to unravel each one to see the size. Thank you.

  • Louise Berry

    Fantastic congratulations.
    Does this mean your products will be available in Waitrose……

  • Hilary Knight

    Good luck with the JL project
    Great way to get your products out there!
    I would be amazing if the TRU EARTH laundry strips could be stocked- they definitely need to reach a wider audience- I think they are fantastic!!
    Well done 😊

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