This week's top products - EcoVibe

This week's top products

The products we sell are amazing! You might call us biased, but each product has been handpicked by our team, based on a list of carefully selected sustainability criteria. Meet the team and find out more about some of our favourite products.


Ecoffee cup

I love my bamboo coffee cup! I use it every morning on my way in to work. I walk to work and haven’t had a spillage whilst walking and drinking yet because the lid is very secure and made of silicone so doesn’t burn my lips either! ☺

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Georganics toothpaste

Out of all the zero waste swaps I’ve gone for in my bathroom, finding a plastic free toothpaste has been a biggest challenge. I’ve tried couple of different ones, but have never been fully  satisfied with the packaging or/and flavour, until I’ve found Georganics Coconut Oil Toothpaste. It’s all natural, free from preservatives, foaming agents and all the other nasties you will find in other toothpastes. It comes in 100% zero waste packaging and has a nice, delicate mint flavour. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the zero waste toothpaste as it doesn’t foam like a ‘normal’ one, but stick to it and you won’t want to use a different one again.

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I love using beeswax wraps, they are so handy. They last ages, have all different sizes, and so easy to clean. Would 100% recommend to everyone! Great for kids lunch boxes.

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EcoVibe Ocean Tote Bag

I love my Ocean tote bag! I have tonnes of reusable bags on me all the time, so I never need to worry about slipping up and needing to buy a plastic one when I'm shopping. This one's my favourite because of the design - it's so cute. As well, it’s made of willow cotton which is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, so I can be sure than I’m making a minimal impact on the environment when I do my food shopping. It’s also really strong! As I use glass jars at the zero waste store, my shopping can get pretty heavy, but this bag stays strong as ever.

What's your favourite eco-swap you've made? Is there anything else you want to see on our store? Let us know in the comments!

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