This week's environmental news

This week's environmental news

Recyclable Running Trainers

Adidas recyclable trainers

Adidas has unveiled it’s very first running shoe that’s completely recyclable!

The shoe is made from just one material: a form of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is then recycled with glue. Once the shoe has been heavily worn, it can be recycled and repurposed so Adidas can reuse the material to make their next pair of trainers. The idea began with the view to take plastic waste out of the system. Instead of going to landfill, incinerating (and polluting our atmosphere!) or eventually filling our oceans, these shoes are designed to be used over and over again. The trainer will become available to the public in spring/summer 2021.

Huge shout out to Adidas from us here at EcoVibe! It’s great to see more and more companies working to create a more sustainable future.

Environment Emergency

Environment Emergency

MPs have approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency.

Following a number of protests launched by the Extinction Rebellion strikers in recent weeks, MPs are calling on the government to make changes that include setting a target of reaching net zero emissions before 2050 and also to deliver a ‘zero waste economy’ within the next six months. The declaration of an emergency was one of the key demands put to the government by environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion, in a number of protests in recent weeks.

This is a huge step forward! It’s wonderful to see parliament finally taking climate change seriously. Let’s hope the actions needed are made swiftly, we need to see some real action.

Plant Trees!

New findings suggest that massive restoration of the world’s forest would cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions.

Scientists have established there’s room for an extra 1.2 trillion trees to grow in parks, woods and abandoned land. If we could replenish our forests on this scale, it could overtake every other method for tackling climate change – from building wind turbines to going veggie! There’s been a lack of information about how many trees there are, which has undervalued their potential to combat climate change. In light of these findings, the United Nations have renamed their Billion Tree Campaign to the Trillion Tree Campaign, which has already seen 17 billion trees planted around the world – ambitious and we like it!

Trees improve air quality, water quality, food quality, ecosystem service… and much more! That’s why with One Tree Planted, we plant a tree for every single order placed with us.


'Biodegradable' bags

A recent study has found plastic bags that claim to be biodegradable survive three years in soil and sea and were even able to carry shopping.

Researchers tested two types of biodegradable bags, compostable bags and conventional carrier bags. After three years the ‘biodegradable’ bags that had been buried in soil and the sea were still able to carry shopping. Although the compostable bag was present in the soil 27 months after being buried, when tested the bag was unable to carry any weight without tearing.

The way compostable bags are disposed of was important. Although compostable bags will biodegrade with naturally-occurring microorganisms, to be truly earth-friendly, they should be disposed of in a dedicated composting space. After all, discarding a product in the environment is still littering, biodegradable, compostable or otherwise!

We’re very worried about the number of unsupported ‘eco-friendly’ claims made by so many companies. It’s wonderful to see so many people are trying to make more ethical choices, which is why it’s so frustrating that some companies are trying to mislead their customers with these claims.

That’s we’ve used eco-labels on each of our products on our website, so you can make informed choices about the products you’re buying. Looking for truly eco-friendly certified compostable bags? Check out our new Poop Bags here – and please remember to dispose of them properly!

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