Say goodbye to panic buying. Here’s where to find last-minute gift ideas.
The festive season seems to creep up on us every year. Even when all the Christmas chocolates are in store the day after Halloween, or even sometimes just after Easter, to remind us that Christmas is coming!   However much...
How To Be Eco-Friendly At Work
Promoting sustainability can be done from anywhere at any moment. Whether it’s a big gesture or a series of small changes made overtime, lowering our impact on the environment is key to creating a more sustainable future and one of...
How To Live A Zero-Waste Life

Living a zero-waste life can involve making small changes to your everyday routine. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips on how to create your zero-waste lifestyle!

How to reduce plastic waste
It is estimated that UK households could throw away up to 508 million pieces of plastic waste EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We take a look at the results from The Everyday Plastic Survey and give our advice on how you can reduce your plastic waste.
Having a haunting halloween - Murder mystery edition! – EcoVibe
Murder Mysteries are the new alternative to Halloween house parties this year. If like us, you love a good scary holiday and don't want to miss out - then why not consider throwing your own at home? This blog post will teach you how you can go about designing your own murder mystery - for all the family!