Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas

From furoshiki to recycled wrapping paper, find out how to make your gifts look extra special while cutting down on waste and steering clear of plastic.

Global Water Conservation Review
When it comes to water consumption – every drop counts. Water is like gold dust, and we need it for survival. Let’s take a look at how different countries are faring in their pursuit to reduce water waste and ways in which we can make a difference, one drop at a time.
6 ways to be an environmentally-responsible dog owner
Petcare might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering your environmental impact, however it’s most definitely one to consider. Your pets, like you, have an environmental footprint caused by everything they do; from the places they...
Continuing Your Plastic Free Journey after July
Plastic Free isn’t just for July!Plastic Free July is a great worldwide initiative aimed at encouraging us to tackle the plastic pollution problem by examining our own plastic consumption. It’s a good opportunity to look at your own plastic usage...
5 Ways to Go Plastic Free
Plastic Free July: 5 things to do this month We love July; long, hot days, ice-creams galore, school holidays and the very best thing… it’s plastic free month! What is Plastic Free July? Plastic Free July is a global movement...
Clean Clothes, Clean Planet
Introducing our BRAND NEW laundry range! Go green with your laundry! No, we don’t mean dye all of your clothes green – although that could be fun - instead, switch to an eco-friendly laundry range. It’s better for the planet...
Our ultimate plastic-free cleaning guide

Are you trying to cut down on plastic waste, but not quite sure where to start?We've got you covered!  We’ve rounded up our top seven eco-cleaning swaps to help you on your way!

Eco Top Picks: Darren
We know that the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle is a journey, and that everyone is on different points along that journey. That’s okay! That means that there are new people joining the sustainability movement every day, and there are...
Toothpaste Tablets: Why We Love Them
Have you tried toothpaste tablets? They sound like they would be difficult to use at first and a big leap from regular toothpaste, but we think if you tried them you would love them as much as us! Not only are you saving...
5 Eco Tips for an Eco-Friendly Personal Care Routine
We’ve talked about tips to go green in your cleaning routine and how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle, but what about your beauty habits? Here, we give you the lowdown on sustainable self-care… 1. Go Green Select eco-friendly...
Eco Top Picks: Amy
We know that the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle is a journey, and that everyone is on different points along that journey. That’s okay! That means that there are new people joining the sustainability movement every day, and there are...
How To Be Eco-Friendly At Work
Promoting sustainability can be done from anywhere at any moment. Whether it’s a big gesture or a series of small changes made overtime, lowering our impact on the environment is key to creating a more sustainable future and one of...
How To Use A Reusable Nappy
Making the switch to an eco-friendly product like Ecovibe’s reusable nappy as it can do wonders for the environment. In this article we’ll explore what the benefits of reusable nappies are and how to put them on.
How to reduce plastic waste
It is estimated that UK households could throw away up to 508 million pieces of plastic waste EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We take a look at the results from The Everyday Plastic Survey and give our advice on how you can reduce your plastic waste.
Having a haunting halloween - Murder mystery edition! – EcoVibe
Murder Mysteries are the new alternative to Halloween house parties this year. If like us, you love a good scary holiday and don't want to miss out - then why not consider throwing your own at home? This blog post will teach you how you can go about designing your own murder mystery - for all the family!
Handmade Halloween Decor & Costume Upcycling
Top tips and Halloween Tricks for the spookiest holiday of the year. We love embedding our eco-conscious habits into all the celebrations of the year - and this holiday is extra exciting! Read on if you'd like to know more about how to keep the earth (undead).
How to find second-hand gems (online!)
It’s not always easy finding good quality second-hand products from our sofas. So, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to find the best second hand clothes online.
The Great British September Clean: What is it about?

The Great British September Clean begins today! Help reduce plastic in our environment and the sea alongside Keep Britain Tidy. 

The Bags are Back (and Better than Ever!)
We’re so excited to share with you that our fabulous biodegradable, compostable poo bags are now back in stock – and better than ever!