How to reduce plastic waste
It is estimated that UK households could throw away up to 508 million pieces of plastic waste EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We take a look at the results from The Everyday Plastic Survey and give our advice on how you can reduce your plastic waste.
Why our sponge & scrub pads are better than plastic ones
Our latest new EcoVibe product hit the (online) shelves earlier this week and we couldn’t be more excited! We know you’ll love them so we just wanted to take a couple of minutes to chat about what makes our Compostable Sponge Scourer Duo Pack so great.
Introducing! EcoVibe's Plastic-Free Cleaning Sachets
We’re so excited to share with you that we’ve just launched our very own Plastic-Free Cleaning Sachets.
We've cut over 40 TONNES of plastic!
You've helped us to prevent over 40 tonnes of plastic being discarded!
Stop the flow of plastic waste
News just in: Aunt Flo can help you to save Mother Earth! We’re SO excited to announce the latest collection to hit our (virtual) shelves: eco-friendly period products.
5 reasons to swap to Plastic-Free Toothpaste
If you look around your bathroom, you're going to see a whole lot of plastic packaging lurking there. In fact, bathroom waste accounts for up to 40% of landfill waste! Switching your toothpastes may not be top of your list when it comes to reducing your plastic, but it's a really important swap to make - especially as each tube takes an estimated 500 years to decompose! Here's five reasons we swapped to this toothpaste by Georganics.
How to Avoid Single Use Plastic
The question is – how do we avoid single use plastic? Here’s a quick guide to help you cut plastic waste from your life...