Last Minute Gifts for Anyone
Mark our words, you’re going to be very popular among the lucky recipients of any of these eco-friendly gifts. Yes, even that one aunt who hasn’t liked a gift you got them since… ever.
Cosy Christmas Drinks
Getting into the Christmas spirit? Us too! So, we’ve put together a fab list of festive fusions and gorgeous non-alcoholic mocktail treats for you to try. Plus, enjoy a Christmas tipple while minimising our impact on the planet.
Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas

From furoshiki to recycled wrapping paper, find out how to make your gifts look extra special while cutting down on waste and steering clear of plastic.

Recipe for a scrumptious, Vegan Christmas Dinner.
Whether you are looking for some vegetarian or vegan Christmas dinner inspo - this one has something for everybody. This non-turkey roast is so good - even those who are trying to eat a little less meat are bound to love it. Give it a try and bang out those top cooking skills!
How best to help those in need at Christmas
If you’re looking for ways you can help vulnerable people this Christmas and beyond, read on.
Why choose small independent businesses?
Small businesses, big pockets of sunshine. We've written something of a love letter for our fantastic, inspiring partners to help explain why you should choose independent.
Top 10 Gifts that Give Back
This year, why not think about giving gifts that work double-duty by supporting important causes and give twice the joy?
How to make your own (eco-friendly) Christmas Decorations
If you need new Christmas decorations but don't want to purchase plastic ones - why not try and make your own? We adore these natural decor ideas, they're great for a snowy day spent inside.
The best DIY Christmas gifts
Christmas gifts mean so much more when they're homemade. Check out our top 5 easiest DIY presents including soaps, pressed flower displays, clay coasters and more.
Making homemade eco-friendly Christmas hampers for your loved ones
Everybody has that one person that is tricky to buy for! No fear - Christmas hampers are always a steady favourite.
How to get organised for Christmas
Planning ahead can help give us time to work on minimising our impact on the planet – as well as taking some of the stress out of Christmas. So, we’ve set out a quick timeline to help you do just that.
How to Fight Kitchen Waste at Christmas
Here at EcoVibe, we’re always looking for ways we can reduce our impact on the environment, and Christmas-time is no exception! With this in mind, we wanted to share our top tips for fighting kitchen waste in the festive season.
Green Friday! EcoVibe’s answer to Black Friday
We all love a deal, and Black Friday offers a pretty thrifty opportunity to bag a bargain and cross off all your lucky recipients on your Christmas list in one fell swoop. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that...
Five Steps to a Greener Christmas
With so many traditions, Christmas can be a difficult time to be green! We’ve put together a list of five steps for an eco-friendly Christmas.