Behind the scenes in May
We've achieved a lot since we started in 2018. But we couldn’t stop there, we’re working on some really exciting things over the next month - find out more!
Black Lives Matter
EcoVibe stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and those fighting for justice for George Floyd. Check out a range of resources from things you can do to make a difference in the UK and the rest of the world, including links to petitions, letters you can write to your MP and links to organisations you might like to donate to.
We’re making our packing system better
As we grew, we realised that we needed more efficient systems, our retro notepads, spreadsheets and emails weren’t going to cut it anymore. Find out about our new packing system here.
EcoVibe in the press!
We’re super excited to share that we’ve been featured in a number of articles over the past month including The Independent - eek! Check out all the places you might have seen us...
How we're keeping our team safe
Our deliveries are continuing for as long as we can, so we wanted to give a quick update on our superstar warehouse team and the precautions they’re taking to keep safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Celebrating Diversity at EcoVibe <3
At EcoVibe we passionately believe in equality for everyone. We want to make sure that ours is an environment of equal opportunities, support and empowerment, where everyone can be the best they can be.  
A Week Without Plastic: Danny's Story

We’ve come to the end of our A Week Without Plastic Journey!

A Week Without Plastic: Kristiana's Story

We’re on to Week 8 of a Week Without Plastic! This week we spoke to EcoVibe’s Kristiana! 

A Week Without Plastic: Matt’s Story

As we usually do with this series, we begin with the preparations made before the week began. Matt prioritised meal prep.

A Week Without Plastic: Elise’s Story

We’re well into the new year now, most of our resolutions will have evaporated, but not this one! It’s Week 6 of the EcoVibe Week Without Plastic.

A Week Without Plastic: Anya's Story

After a bit of a Christmas hiatus, we’re back with the EcoVibe plastic-free week!

A Week Without Plastic: Becky’s Story
This week, EcoVibe’s Becky carried the ‘week without plastic’ torch, let’s see how she got on…
A Week Without Plastic: Gabriela’s Story
For Week 3 of our no-plastic adventure, we spoke to EcoVibe’s Gabriela, in her crusade against plastic.
A Week Without Plastic: Amy's Story
To continue our latest blog series, we speak to EcoVibe’s Amy, as she attempts to complete a full week without using any plastic at all!
A Week Without Plastic: Luke's Story
How did our intern Luke deal with a whole week without using plastic? He told us about his experience for our blog.