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Stop the flow of plastic waste

News just in: Aunt Flo can help you to save Mother Earth! Over the past few years, there’s been a significant uptake in demand for products which are both gentle on our bodies and the Earth – which is awesome. We deserve the best for our bodies, especially when it comes to things like period supplies – that time of the month can be hard enough as is! After all, if we’re working hard to eat organic foods, why not extend those ideals to our bodies?

That’s why we’re SO excited to announce the latest collection to hit our (virtual) shelves: eco-friendly period products. We’ve partnered up with &SISTERS to make their fabulous organic and planet-friendly menstrual products accessible to you.

So why swap?

The tide of plastic waste

Women on average have 396 periods and use around 11,000 menstrual products in their lifetimes (like, Woah!), most of which are slathered in plastic packaging and can’t be recycled since they’re sanitary waste. In 2016, the Marine Conservation Society found 20 tampon applicators and sanitary items per 100m of shoreline – that’s some major damage and the last thing we want to do is harm the planet.

Plastic tampon applicator washed up on beach

To help instead, we can reduce our plastic packaging. Our new tampons and sanitary liners are free of any nasty chemical-based plastics. Instead, every last bit of these eco-friendly cotton period products is sustainably sourced, recyclable and biodegradable. We’ve also got menstrual cups on offer which can be reused for many years with proper care and significantly reduce period waste.

It’s going in your vagina!

Here’s something that’s really going to shock you: since sanitary products are thought of as ‘medical devices’ by European legislation, manufacturers aren’t required to fully disclose what’s inside them. While most of us thought our supermarket pads and tampons are made of 100% cotton, that’s not true!

In fact, tampons could contain odour neutralizers, dyes, pesticides, fragrances AND BLEACH. Our vaginas are awesome but permeable, which gives toxins and chemicals like pesticides direct access to our bloodstream.

By switching to organic, chlorine-free tampons and pads like these, you can be sure you’re dodging any nasties. There’s absolutely nothing (artificial) to see here. You could also make a totally new change and swap to menstrual cups which catch yo’ flow for up to 12 hours and are completely non-toxic.

Organic Applicator Tampons

Feeling good and doing good

No woman should be held back by their period. For young girls, navigating their bodies can be challenging enough without the added strain of missing school because they don’t have the necessary products to deal with their period. Through the &SISTERS Foundation, 10% of the profits from these eco-friendly period products are donated to help tackle period poverty across the globe.

Final thoughts

Sustainable swaps shouldn’t be a sacrifice, but an upgrade. We’re so excited the launch these planet-friendly menstrual products, to fight back against plastic pollution and stand in solidarity against manufacturers who think it’s okay to make products containing dangerous chemicals for use in our bodies!

You can check out the full collection, including organic tampons, pads and menstrual cups here.


  • Margaret Crossland

    This is great news but is there anything in the pipe-line to cope with mild to moderate forms of bladder incontinence?

  • Tracy

    This is a great idea and I hope this becomes mainstream and then hopefully it will make these types of products more affordable. Unfortunately, we are still in a time where many people are living to a tight budget, and despite wanted to do their bit, sadly have to use the most affordable option which is not always those most environmentally friendly.

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