Five steps to a greener Christmas with EcoVibe

Five Steps to a Greener Christmas

At EcoVibe, we’re always looking for more sustainable ways to go about our daily lives, but we know this isn’t always so easy. With so many traditions, Christmas can be a difficult time to be green!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top tips for an eco-friendly Christmas. Have a read and get in touch with any of your own tips and suggestions!

Christmas tree with decorations

1. Christmas trees

    O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! Putting the Christmas tree up is a ritual in most households.
    Artificial trees are often presented as an eco-friendly option, as they can be reused for many years. However, if you're buying new, it might be time to reconsider. Most artificial trees are made in China before being transported to the UK, and so have a large carbon footprint. Artificial trees usually aren’t recyclable so just end up in landfill at their end of life.
    Look for trees which have been grown sustainably near you and have been FSC certified – or even better, a tree from your own garden. When the new year comes, potted trees can be planted in the garden or left to grow in the pot and reused next year. If you do decide to throw away your tree, most council arrange drop-off points for you to recycle them.

    2. Decorations

    The best thing about eco-friendly Christmas decorations is that you’re only limited by your imagination. Here’s a few examples…
    We love natural decorations – step out into your garden or take a trip to your local park and gather your favourite Christmas greenery together! Holly, Ivy, twigs, branches and pine cones all make great festive decorations.
    Edible decorations! Popcorn, cranberries, dried orange slices and gingerbread all make adorable decorations for your home and tree over Christmas. Not to mention, they smell delicious!
    Candles and tea lights - A great, eco-friendlier alternative to fairy lights. However, take note that many candles are paraffin-based. Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum and buying them adds pressure to non-renewable fuels in the market. Instead, clean-burning vegetable waxes and beeswax candles make brilliant alternatives.

    3. Gifts

    If you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts, EcoVibe is the place to be! We have a whole range of products including hampers and gift vouchers which make the perfect presents and stocking fillers for your friends and family.

    Eco-friendly gift wrapping

    For the pet lovers – For dog lovers and pooches alike, look out for recycled plastic dog toys and biodegradable compostable poop bags. For your cat cuddlers and kitties, shop catnip cat toys and posh organic cat food.
    Stocking fillers – from solid shampoo to reusable bottles, we’ve got all of your eco-friendly essentials covered. A perfect introduction to a greener lifestyle for your loved ones.
    For the picky - Not sure what to give? Our gift vouchers are ideal for our more particular friends and relatives. What’s more, instead of producing plastic gift cards, we simply print your unique code onto super-cute recycled card, meaning one less disposable plastic that ends up in land fill!
    All of our orders are packaged in recycled paper and tape, which can be reused for your own Christmas wrapping. Which takes us on to…

    4. Wrapping

    Wrapping paper is often dyed and laminated which means it can’t be recycled. The Independent shared that Brits alone will throw away 108 million rolls of wrapping paper this Christmas!
    Recycled newspapers, magazines and brown paper, decorated with stamps, ribbons and natural string are all fab options for wrapping our presents. Recycled Christmas cards from last year also make gift tags!
    Even better, do away with wrapping paper all together. Fabric wraps, recycled baskets and boxes all make great alternatives for wrapping as well as helping to challenge our throwaway culture.

    5. Food

    Food plays a huge part in making the perfect Christmas, however, this can the cause of so much waste!

    Christmas decorations with orange peel and cinnamon
    UK households throw away an estimated 7 million tonnes of food each Christmas! Wasting water, oil and land, as well as harming biodiversity, we need work to reduce our food waste. To tackle this problem, think carefully about what you actually need to buy to feed everyone, rather than what you think you may need. Buying the correct amount can avoid both a waste of food and money, which is a festive win-win.
    Buying locally can also help reduce your carbon footprint. Taking your own reusable containers to markets, bakeries and butchers can help reduce the amount of plastic we consume. Make sure to bring your reusable grocery bags too!
    Keep your food fresher for longer using our reusable food wraps.

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    • Diana Wilkins

      Hi, everyone loves a cracker at Christmas but they do create a lot of waste. Is it possible to make crackers using a toilet roll tube and one of your wax wraps, preferably with a festive design? Apart from the firelighters what other items do you have that would make good cracker gifts that would fit inside the tube? If it is possible to make crackers like this, have you thought about selling them or as a kit?

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