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Eco Top Picks: Anya

I started to become aware of the real impact single-use plastic was having on the planet a few years ago, and since then the world has really started to talk about it more and more as a serious issue we need to address. It’s all progress in the right direction but I wanted to know how I could do my bit.

 My first steps to becoming more eco-friendly went like this:

  • I realised my flat building didn’t have any recycling bins just a bin room with all black bins – so I requested recycling bins from my local council.
  • I started buying veg from the local market and taking my own bags to limit the unnecessary plastic packaging.
  • I changed my regular milk to oat milk and started to eat less meat.
  • I have a good skincare routine and used to use cotton pads to apply my cleanser and wipe away makeup – so I thought I would try out reusable makeup pads as an alternative to all of the cotton wool I was using. They are a brilliant swap in my opinion! They are soft on my skin and work well with my gel cleanser, they clean into pores much more effectively.

  • I bought a period cup which was my second eco purchase and it's amazing! I thought it might be difficult to use and was quite apprehensive, but its so great and easy to use. The best thing is; no more buying tampons every month, so saves money, plus there's no worry about the nasty chemicals on tampons.

  • My next eco product to try was shampoo bars – I tried a few before I found one I loved and the brand I really like is soul and soap shampoo bars. They lather up like normal shampoo and leave my hair feeling more nourished than regular shampoo. They're easy to travel with and they don't leave a greasy residue like others I tried. They also smell incredible!


  • Julia

    Thanks for sharing; it’s good to be reminded of these. I’m asking myself if I’m doing enough even if I know what I ought to be doing!

  • Christine Macmillan

    Thank you for outlining your reasons & choices. it can indeed seem like an overwhelming challenge & it’s good to hear how you have proceeded.

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