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Behind the scenes in May

We’ve come a long way since we started in mid-June 2018. In fact, since we started, we’ve saved 40 tonnes of plastic, planted thousands of trees and been able to help thousands of customer reduce their impact on the planet too.

We’re so proud of everything we’ve achieved and are so thankful for everyone who’s helped us on our journey so far. But we couldn’t stop there, we’ve been working on some really exciting things over the past month…

Behind the scenes at EcoVibe in May

Exciting new products!

We’ve launched lots of new sustainable swaps recently, including our dish washing soap bar, laundry stain remover and loofahs (which you guys have been loving!). Coming up, we’re so excited to share that we’ll soon be selling our own range of cleaning sachets, sponge scourers (get ready to meet fully home compostable cellulose sponge & sisal scourer hybrids!), laundry detergents, water bottles AND MORE!

We’re joining up with The Meatless Farm Co.

We’ve got a super exciting competition with our best vegan friends, The Meatless Farm Co., coming up. We can’t give you the full details just yet, but keep your eyes peeled and get ready to veg out.

We’ve updated our wholesale site!

If you’re a business looking to sell our products in your own store, we’ve got some fab news for you! We have a wholesale site and offer trade prices to business, charities, schools and more!

We’ve just added over 200 products and for this weekend only, we’re offering free delivery on all orders when you spend £100 or more. Check out our wholesale site here.

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