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7 easy eco-friendly cleaning swaps

Want to reduce your impact on the planet while doing your household chores? We reveal seven of the best ways.

Eco Cleaning Tips

1. Cut the chemicals

If you're searching for household cleaning products which are eco-friendly but tough on grime look no further than these revolutionary Water-Soluble Cleaning Sachets. Not only are they antibacterial, but they're made from plant-based, sustainably-sourced ingredients. 

2. Switch to sustainable

Traditional cleaning sponges are often made from petrochemical plastics, meaning they'll only ever break down into microplastics (in a few hundred years!). 

Eco-friendly cleaning sponges like these EcoVibe Compostable Sponges are a great alternative. They're hygienic, durable and best of all, completely biodegradable. 

3. Ditch the bleach

Ditch the bleach and swap for an eco-friendly bleach alternative. If you usually use bleach in your toilet, this powerful Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaner is an environmentally-sound alternative. It kills germs and removes stains, but is completely non-toxic and bleach-free. 

4. Watch those carpets

Pets, babies and small children can spend a lot of time on the floor. This makes it particularly important that your carpet cleaner is non-toxic. Look for products featuring natural and deodorising ingredients.

This Non-Toxic Carpet Freshener removes odours trapped in fabric and fibres, leaving just a light lavender scent behind. The eco-friendly carpet cleaner is completely plastic-free, vegan and handmade in the UK! 

5. Use natural materials

Instead of reaching for the scourer next time you need to tackle baked-on grease, check out the natural options available. Look out for Natural Washing Up Loofahs, Coconut Fibre Scourers, and Wooden Dish Brushes (made from cactus!). 

All of these plastic-free cleaning alternatives are natural, sustainable and biodegradable. 

6. Reduce your plastic

Cleaning products are a big contributor to unnecessary plastic waste.

By switching to Reusable Glass Bottles instead, you'll cut down on cleaning plastic and save money in the process! Simply create your own eco-cleaning solution (or add Water-Soluble Cleaning Sachets) and you'll always have a handy supply of eco-friendly cleaning product. 

Glass Bottles

7. Reduce the washing detergent wastage

By switching to Laundry Strips instead of liquid washing detergent you'll save the carbon equivalent to taking 27 million cars off the road for a day. That's the same as planting nine million trees! 

Dissolvable Laundry Strips such as these are pre-measured and mess-free, reducing the detergent wasted by overpouring. The laundry strips are ultra-concentrated, convenient and suitable for sensitive skin. 

If you're ready to make your cleaning routine green, check out our range of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Starter Kits. 

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