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5 reasons this Wooden Dish Brush is insanely popular

You guys have been loving our Wooden Dish Brush so much, we've been blown away! So, it begs the question: why so popular?

1. It’s 100% plastic-free.

Here at EcoVibe, reducing our plastic use is kind of our thing. Traditional plastic dish brushes will not only last around 400 years, but they can also shed plastic bristles which end up in our oceans and are extremely dangerous to marine wildlife. So, it made sense that when we brought out our new Wooden Dish Brush, this would also be free of all nasty toxic plastic chemicals too. This brush is made of beechwood with sisal bristles which are compostable, biodegradable and marine safe.

Wooden Dish Brush

2. The materials are genuinely eco-friendly

The handle is made with sustainable beechwood which is both replaceable and fast-growing. Then the bristles are made of the really interesting bit: sisal. Sisal is a natural fibre derived from a type of cactus called Agaves – the base ingredient of tequila!

The fleshy leaf of the plant is cut off and beaten with thick sticks so that the fibres are released. After drying the fibres in the sun, the natural colour develops which can range from green to yellowish-white. Sisal is not only natural and sustainable but grown with minimal – if any – pesticides and herbicides, further reducing its impact on the environment. The plants are resilient to disease and most of the weeding is done by hand.

3. The brush head is replaceable and removable

By replacing just the bristles, you’ll create 36% less waste each time the head is replaced. After all when you think about it, even when the brush head is too tired, you don’t normally need to replace the handle too. It’s really easy to do too. Just firmly squeeze the metal clip and release. Check out our replacement heads here.

Wooden Dish Brush Replacement Head

4. They’re great quality!

In 2004, the manufacturers passed ISO9001-2008, complying with international quality standards. This means you can be sure you’re paying for genuine, quality materials. The brush is great for washing your dishes, is really effective in cleaning hard surfaces like hobs and ovens, and will even remove leftover residues and mould.

5. They come package free

What’s better than eco-packaging? No packaging! Both our dish brushes and their replaceable heads are completely zero waste. The only packaging you’ll see is our posting materials. Our packaging is as earth-friendly as possible and is made of recycled, biodegradable and compostable materials.

We use recycled paper jiffy bags, cardboard boxes or biodegradable envelopes to package our products. Our packing peanuts are made from natural, non-toxic sources, such as wheat and corn starch. They dissolve in water and can easily be thrown on compost piles after just one use. Our packing tape is made from paper and we absolutely never use any bubble wrap related products.

You can shop our Wooden Dish Brush here.

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  • Stroudie

    Hi, I have these brushes and just changed one. Where should I recycle the used brush head? I was thinking my council food bin but not sure?


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