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5 reasons our Coconut Scrub Pads are so great!

ICYMI, this month we launched our brilliant new Coconut Fibre Scrub Pads, and we can’t stop talking about them! Find out 5 fab reasons we love them.

1. They’re 100% plastic free

In around 400 years, the first piece of plastic will decompose. By then, trillions of particles of plastic will be contaminating our planet, harming our marine wildlife and land animals. Did you know that even regular kitchen dish sponges are made of plastic, and will eventually break down into microplastics? Our coconut fibre scouring pads offer an alternative solution to this by using renewable resources, giving you the opportunity to choose sustainable, toxin-free products over plastic.

Coconut Scrub Pad

2. They work great on tough stains and dried on-food

These scouring pads are made from coconut husks, which is the outside of dried coconut, which is then bonded with non-toxic, biodegradable adhesive. As you can guess, this stuff is pretty durable, which means they’re great on stubborn surfaces and for cutting through tough grease. But don’t worry, they’re still safe on non-stick. Yes, you heard that right! These bad boys might look scratchy and abrasive, but the fibres soften in water, meaning they won’t damage your non-stick surfaces.

3. They’re biodegradable & compostable!

Our scrub pads will last you ages, but when the time comes to replace it for a new one in terms of cleaning the dishes, the old one can still be used to for general cleaning around the home instead. After that, as they’re made of all natural coconut fibre, when you’ve used your scrub pad to the very end and it really does need disposing, you can just pop the pad in your home compost or just check it into the corner of your garden - easy peasy! And don’t worry, the packaging is still completely free and compostable too.

Coconut Scrub Pads

4. They’re easy to clean!

We get loads of questions asking how to clean these scrubs and it’s actually really easy. After use, just rinse clean and store in a dry area such as on your dish soap. For a deep clean, soap for a few hours in white or apple cider vinegar – 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water.

5. They're great value!

These coconut scrub pads are only £2, which mean they’re a super affordable, easy swap. Even better, you can even get these scrub pads as part of our ‘Go Nuts for Coconuts’ starter kit for only £8.99 which comes with our coconut bristle dish brush and LoofCo washing up brush.

You can shop our Coconut Fibre Scrub Pads here.

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