How best to help those in need at Christmas
If you’re looking for ways you can help vulnerable people this Christmas and beyond, read on.
Brand Spotlight: Ecover
Find out more about Ecover, the products and what makes them so great.
We're thrilled to share that we've signed up with our first charity partner, Rainforest Trust UK. This is a really exciting collaboration for us as by collaborating with the charity, we can help tackle climate issues on the ground by protecting the rainforest.
Why choose small independent businesses?
Small businesses, big pockets of sunshine. We've written something of a love letter for our fantastic, inspiring partners to help explain why you should choose independent.
Top 10 Gifts that Give Back
This year, why not think about giving gifts that work double-duty by supporting important causes and give twice the joy?
How to make your own (eco-friendly) Christmas Decorations
If you need new Christmas decorations but don't want to purchase plastic ones - why not try and make your own? We adore these natural decor ideas, they're great for a snowy day spent inside.
The best DIY Christmas gifts
Christmas gifts mean so much more when they're homemade. Check out our top 5 easiest DIY presents including soaps, pressed flower displays, clay coasters and more.
Making homemade eco-friendly Christmas hampers for your loved ones
Everybody has that one person that is tricky to buy for! No fear - Christmas hampers are always a steady favourite.
How to get organised for Christmas
Planning ahead can help give us time to work on minimising our impact on the planet – as well as taking some of the stress out of Christmas. So, we’ve set out a quick timeline to help you do just that.
5 reasons you’ll love our toilet cleaning bombs
Find out more about our sustainable toilet cleaning bombs here as we run over five reasons why we love them so much.
How to Make Your Halloween More Eco-Friendly
From trick or treating sweet wrappers to thrown-out pumpkins, Halloween can be really terrible for the environment. So, we put together a list of our favourite eco-tips for a greener celebration – check it out!
Scariest Plastic Polluters
Halloween is just around the corner, with its scary movies and spooky décor. But given the current state of our planet, it's clear the real horror story is happening here and now and on our doorsteps. Here's some of the scariest plastic ghouls - and how you can fight them!
How to have a hygge Halloween
There are so many elements of Halloween that are synonymous with hygge from the warm candles to the pumpkin spice. This year in 2020, take the time love yourself a little more as you celebrate a hygge Halloween.
Having a haunting halloween (at home) - Murder mystery edition!
Murder Mysteries are the new alternative to Halloween house parties this year. If like us, you love a good scary holiday and don't want to miss out - then why not consider throwing your own at home? This blog post will teach you how you can go about designing your own murder mystery - for all the family!
Handmade Halloween Decor & Costume Upcycling
Top tips and Halloween Tricks for the spookiest holiday of the year. We love embedding our eco-conscious habits into all the celebrations of the year - and this holiday is extra exciting! Read on if you'd like to know more about how to keep the earth (undead).
Top Tips For Cleaning Mirrors & Glass (The Eco-Friendly Way!)
Getting your mirrors and glass to shine can be quite the challenge. Joanne from Expert Home Tips is here to share a short guide for cleaning every type of glass in your home, including mirrors and windows.
Meet EcoVibe's Henrietta
In September, we were thrilled to welcome our latest team member Henrietta to the EcoVibe family. As our assistant buyer, Henrietta joins Amy and Shannon in our trade team, liaising with our suppliers to negotiate our cost prices (so we...
EcoVibe Loves: Treeapp
Looking for a new way to reduce your carbon footprint? Treeapp might be your new favourite download!  Plant trees for free, every day, in less than a minute with Treeapp. A few taps a day gets your trees planted in the...
How to be more forest friendly
Our current consumption levels cannot be sustained, but exactly can we do? Check out our top four tips to be more forest friendly and reduce deforestation.
Wondering how to improve Recycling in your area?
A starter guide for those that want to empower their local community to do more about waste. Whether you're interested in increasing recycling or reducing the amount of litter in your local parks, this one is for you!
How to Recycle effectively (and reduce recycling too!)

To celebrate Recycle Week, we're bringing you everything recycling! If you're wondering how you can make recycling easier for your household and how to reduce the amount of waste and recycling going out - have a look here for some fab resources.