Top Tips For Cleaning Mirrors & Glass (The Eco-Friendly Way!) - EcoVibe

Top Tips For Cleaning Mirrors & Glass – EcoVibe

Getting your mirrors and glass to shine can be quite the challenge.

Joanne from Expert Home Tips is here to share a short guide for cleaning every type of glass in your home, including mirrors and windows.

 What is the best eco-friendly glass cleaner?

EcoVibe glass cleaner cleaning windows

  1. Soluble Cleaning Sachets

EcoVibe’s new Soluble Cleaning Sachets are a brilliant way to start cutting down on household waste. The pack contains an apple and mint scented glass cleaner, which is perfect for use on mirrors and windows.

The plastic-free sachets dissolve in water making them easy to use. Simply pop the sachet into a reusable spray bottle (glass is our favourite!), top up with lukewarm water and give it a good shake. Not only do they do a fantastic job of cleaning, but they smell wonderful, too! There is really no need to use harsh chemicals.

  1. Vinegar

Fancy making your own glass cleaner? You can make a glass cleaner using ingredients that are already in your cupboards (though we’re totally converted to EcoVibe’s sachets now!). For a simple DIY recipe, mix equal parts white vinegar and lukewarm water in a reusable spray bottle. If you’d like, you can add a few drops of essential oil for a fragrant smell.

Picking the right wipe for cleaning glass

Aside from your cleaning solution, the most important thing to consider is what you will use to wipe your glass surface. Picking the right material will give you better results, so it’s worth thinking about.

EcoVibe Sponge Scourer

  1. Compostable sponge

Unlike plastic sponges, EcoVibe’s Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack are completely natural, biodegradable and sustainable. They’re perfect for any cleaning job, but they’re especially good for cleaning glass.

The non-scratch scrubbing power means that you’ll remove grime and dirt in no time at all, without damaging the surface. Sponges can be used to dispense the product onto the surface or used dry to soak it up.

Cleaning windows at home

  1. Squeegee

Once you’ve scrubbed the glass, the next step is to squeegee. Press the edge of the squeegee up against the glass and run it in clean lines from top to bottom. Take care to clean the squeegee between each stroke to remove any dirt or excess water.

Cleaning windows at home with newspaper

  1. Newspaper

Does newspaper really clean windows? Yes, it does! Newspaper absorbs any remaining liquid on the surface of the glass and, surprisingly, doesn’t bleed any ink. You can achieve an amazing, streak-free finish, without leaving any lint like you would with kitchen roll or a cloth.


We hope you’ve found these glass cleaning tips to be helpful! If you have any other clever ideas, let us know in the comments below.

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