The perfect gifts for eco-conscious mums this Mother’s Day

The perfect gifts for eco-conscious mums this Mother’s Day

Want to spoil your mum this mother’s day? Or looking for gift inspiration for any special person in your life? We’ve compiled some of our absolute favourite gift ideas, and they just so happen to be eco-friendly and sustainable. Spoil them sustainably, we love to see it!

We suggest some sweet treats for sweet-toothed mums, an interactive gin kit, two gorgeous eco-friendly craft ideas, a new Scentered candle and balm kit (perfect for new mums), and a sweet alternative to freshly cut blooms. 

Sweet treats for a sweet mum

Does your mum have a sweet tooth? Or is she a baking whiz? In which case we’ve got the gift for you! 

The Bottled Baking Co products create easy to use baking mixes for a variety of sweet treats. They even do vegan chocolate chip cookies! They require minimal ingredients (water and egg or water and vegetable oil) and then they’re ready to bake. 

They’re made in the UK, in Yorkshire (just like EcoVibe HQ), so have a small carbon footprint and they’re plastic-free too. 

Plus - the bottles mean you don’t have to buy a lot of different baking ingredients you wouldn’t usually use, which means you don’t waste any ingredients. 

Just make sure you’re around when mum’s baking these!

Treat mum to a tipple

If you and your mum and gin fans then perhaps an interactive letterbox gin kit is exactly what you need. 

The kit from Gin Etc includes all the botanicals you need to create a homemade gin (just add vodka). Perhaps you could get one for you and your mum and both do it together online (if you’re not together this Mother’s Day) or just get one kit to do together. 

This is also a great way of using up any pretty bottles you have hanging around that are just too nice to throw away. 

This is another great UK made product, and all the contents are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, we love to see it!

Get mum crafting with a crochet kit 

When did crochet get so trendy? Sometime in the last five years we think, exacerbated by the great craft revival of March 2020. 

If your mum is someone who’s been on this trend for years then we’ve got some fabulous crochet kits,including an easy peasy crochet pot and a basket duo. A fun mindful activity, these kits use 100% recycled cotton cord that’s made in Poland. Bobbiny Cotton Cord also saves waste from textile factories going into landfills by reworking it and the process to do so doesn’t use any additional water or dyes. 

The kits are plastic-free too, coming in a cardboard box with a bamboo crochet hook and a how-to guide. 

We’re pretty tempted by these ourselves!


Crochet not your mum’s favourite craft, how about embroidery? 

A crafty mum that’s already crocheted all the homeware she could possibly need? Or crochet not her vibe? How about an embroidered tote bag? 

We’ve got two designs available, “Sunflower Female” and “Forget Me Not Female”. 

The kit includes everything mum will need including detailed instructions and access to online tutorial videos. The tote is 100% natural unbleached and organic cotton, so the manufacturing processes aren’t pumping out toxins, and once mum has embroidered her tote (it should take 1-4 hours) it’s a great plastic-free alternative to shopping bags. 

If that’s not enough, they’re made, manufactured, and packaged in the UK too, so they have a nice and low carbon footprint. 



Time for a pamper?

There’s no better excuse to pamper mum than on Mothering Sunday and this “I want to de-stress” set could be exactly what mum needs. 

We’ve stocked Scentered products for some time now and we absolutely love them, which is why we’re expanding our range and introducing their de-stress balm and therapeutic candle. 

We think this would be the perfect gift for a new mum in your life who needs 5 minutes of serenity. 

Scentered products are 100% natural, sustainably sourced and use pure essential oils to create a luxurious fragrance. And they’re plastic-free. 

When nothing but flowers are good enough

Does your mum love a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day? Switch it up with a letterbox dried flower bouquet. 

They’ll last years and stop unused blooms from going to waste. Plus they’re biodegradable, compostable, UK made, and plastic-free. 

Whether your mum loves bright blooms or loves muted pastel tones, we’ve got both!


Feeling prepared for Mother’s Day? We’ve suggested some fabulous sustainable gift ideas for mum including baking kits, crafting kits, and something perfect for a new mum who needs 5 minutes of zen. Found something you love too? Just because we’re suggesting these for Mother’s Day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself too, presents for yourself are totally allowed.

Still not found the perfect treat to spoil your mum? Check out the full collection of Mother’s Day gifts here. We’re sure she’ll love the sustainable gifting vibe!

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