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Self-Care Tips for Earth Loving Men

Self-care tips for earth-loving men

As we quickly approach World Environment Day (not to mention Father's Day) we thought it was the perfect time to talk sustainable self-care. 

While there are plenty of male self-care products out there, their environmental impact can often leave a lot to be desired. Plastic is widely used around personal care products because it's ultra-convenient, durable and cheap to make. It's also unsustainable, toxic and polluting our oceans. 

It's estimated that a truckload of plastic waste is dumped in the sea every. single. second. In fact, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a giant floating island of plastic waste which covers twice the area of France.

Aside from plastic waste, greenhouse gas emissions and chemical pollution caused by the manufacturing of many of our favourite products contribute to damaging the environment. Some of the sneaky ingredients in personal care products can also mess with your body. Many products contain chemicals which are proven to be damaging, such as parabens, PEGs, BHA, BHT, phthalates and reef killing oxybenzone. These can cause all sorts of problems like hormone imbalances, allergic-reactions and hair-loss. 

It’s for this reason that we really believe those self-care companies going the extra mile to create plastic-free, low-carbon, sustainable, earth and human-friendly skincare products need to be celebrated! 

We've highlighted some of our favourite ideas to help you look and smell great while reducing your impact on the earth. 

Don't be a hippy-crite.

It's easy to be seduced by greenwashing but great products are available from brands with strong eco-credentials. Conscious Skincare products are all-natural - totally free from synthetic ingredients such as SLS, parabens and phthalates and there are no fillers, colours, fragrances or bleaches. The products are suitable for vegans and fully approved by PETA, Vegetarian Society & Cruelty-Free International.

Do pre-cycle!

Before deciding what to buy, confirm how you are going to deal with waste packaging. Conscious skincare is packaged using recycled and fully recyclable materials such as glass, aluminium & cardboard.

Don't be eco-friendless

If cycling everywhere like a true eco-warrior leaves you smelling a bit ripe, take a shower. You can even save water whilst showering more frequently by making it a "navy shower" - turn on the water, get wet, turn it off, lather up and turn it back on to rinse off instead of leaving the water running throughout.

Do be as kind to your skin as you are to the planet.

Cycling out in the elements and pollution is tough on our skin, but you can consume less by combining your products. You don't need a separate moisturiser for your hands, face and body - there are some products out there that do it all! 

Conscious Man Lotion is the perfect multi-faceted moisturiser to hydrate your face, hands and body. 

For more sustainable, eco-friendly self care products designed for men check out our range of sensitive-skin friendly, UK made & all-natural products here.

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