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Our ultimate plastic-free cleaning guide

Plastic pollution is a worldwide issue and many of us are more conscious than ever of the impact that our daily lives have on the environment. There’s numerous ways in which we can all limit our plastic consumption and going plastic-free with your cleaning products is a great place to start.

Our zero plastic cleaning heroes not only help to reduce single-use plastic, but have many other eco benefits too, including containing natural ingredients that don’t harm you or the environment, being UK made, so less carbon footprint, and most are vegan too, meaning they contain no animal derived ingredients.

We’ve rounded up our best-selling top seven below to help you on your way!


1. Compostable Sponges -Our most popular product! These amazing sponges are best sellers for a reason; not only are they plastic-free, made in the UK, vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable and have a low carbon footprint, but they’re super hard working and long lasting. Our customers tell us that they outperform and out last their traditional counterparts. They’re naturally antifungal, making them hygienic and durable – these sponges can last for months. Try them today, we’re so confident you’ll love them that if you don’t we offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

 2. Coconut ScourersWe’ve got a lovely pair of coconut… scourers! Our two pack of scourers are made from discarded coconut husks, which are left over as waste from the food industry. Tough on stains and burnt on grime, but gentle on the environment, they’re naturally antibacterial and free from chemicals. They’re also safe on non-stick pans, use them to clean dishes, hobs or even in the bathroom.

3. Compostable Sponge and Scourer Duo -Two of our best-sellers in one handy pack! No cleaning kit is complete without this hard-working duo. The pack includes a compostable sponge with a sisal scouring side for light scrubbing, and a compostable sponge with a loofah scouring side for more heavy duty cleaning. Both are plastic free, vegan and cruelty free – and superhero cleaners!
4. Antibacterial Cleaning SachetsWe’ve covered the tools, but what can you use with them? Well, anything, but we happen to think our antibacterial, water soluble cleaning sachets are the bee’s knees – and so do our customers; these sachets are an all-time best-seller! Antibacterial, non-toxic and made in the UK, if doesn’t get much better. The concentrated packets can be dissolved in a bottle of water, meaning zero waste and zero plastic. They also have a shelf life of a year – they’re so effective, you’ll find that they last you longer than traditional alternatives.
 5. Amber Glass Spray BottlesThe anti-plastic saviour! A match made in heaven with our antibacterial cleaning sachets. Our spray bottles have a 500ml capacity, which make them ideal to use with cleaning products, but they also have many other uses, such as hair care products and more. The amber colour adds a touch of chic, making it look stylish in your home.
 6. Laundry Detergent StripsUnlike most laundry cleaning products, these strips are completely plastic-free, including the packaging and, as they’re so lightweight and concentrated, their carbon footprint is significantly less than traditional detergent. They’re also vegan and cruelty- free. We’ve tried and tested numerous laundry cleaning products and we can confirm that these little strips are incredibly effective, while being good for the environment and super space saving too – win win!
 7. Concentrated Toilet cleanerThis powerful, concentrated, eco-friendly toilet cleaner is a must-have for any bathroom. Everyone hates cleaning the toilet, right? Well, this makes it a doddle, while containing zero plastic and zero toxic ingredients. Bleach-free, it’s safe for you and the environment. Simply mix with warm water, shake, pour into the toilet and scrub – job’s done!

And there we have it, 7 plastic-free cleaning essentials. Don’t forget to leave feedback if you try any of these, we love hearing what you think!

Happy Cleaning!

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