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Celebrating Diversity at EcoVibe <3

Now and always, not just for Pride.

It’s Pride season and we couldn’t be happier! But for us, Pride is every day, not just during the festivities.

Whether you don’t usually take part, sometimes go or wouldn’t miss it for the world, Pride is a time which brings people from different communities together and unites them for one common goal: equality.

(It’s also a good chance to let your hair down and have a party! If you’re attending a Pride this year or throwing your own party, make sure to read our tips below to make it as earth-friendly as possible!).

Although we have come so far in the UK, there is still plenty more progress to be made. Pride events help remind us all that, though you should always celebrate being yourself, there is still some way to go until all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are accepted without exception.

At EcoVibe we passionately believe in equality for everyone. As a women-led company, we know the importance of equal opportunities. From the start we set out to create a safe, welcoming space for anyone, regardless of their gender, race, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age.  We want to make sure that ours is an environment of equal opportunities, support and empowerment, where everyone can be the best they can be.   

Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their workplace, and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I’ve been lucky enough in my career never to have experienced any major prejudice, though I know sadly that’s not the case for everyone.

One-fifth (20%) of LGBTQ Americans1 say they have experienced discrimination when applying for jobs. And of those employed, many find themselves having to cover or downplay aspects of themselves in order to avoid discrimination. 17% of LGBTQ employees say they feel exhausted having to spend time and energy concealing their true identity2.

Imagine how much happier, inspired and productive people would be if they could just be themselves!

At EcoVibe we will always be proud to be an open and welcoming workplace, and we hope you’ll continue to support us in our mission to beat plastic pollution.


Every small step makes a big difference.

Happy Pride!


Tips for a greener Pride:

  1. Bring your own water bottle.
  2. Avoid fast fashion and create a great outfit from the clothes you already have.
  3. Be creative but mindful. Avoid plastic or toxic items such as flags, beads, glitter and balloons. Try to use natural materials instead like natural body paint, flowers and reclaimed materials.
  4. Take eco-friendly transport – walk, get public transport or share a lift with others if you can.
  5. Say no to straws! Make sure you ask for your drinks without a straw and use a metal one if you prefer a straw.
  6. Take any rubbish out with you – make sure it gets disposed of properly.




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