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Reasons you’ll love our toilet cleaning bombs

Ah, the household chore we all love… Cleaning the toilet! A dirty toilet can be pretty unpleasant, so it’s no surprise lots of have been reaching for the bleach to get rid of all the nasty bacteria and, (eek!) stains. But we all know, while conventional bathroom cleaning ingredients like bleach might be effective cleaners, they are packed full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health, our waterways and wildlife. On top of that, bleach takes centuries to degrade in nature too, having long-lasting effects on the environment.

But don’t worry, there’s a new, natural alternative to toilet cleaner! Find out more about our sustainable toilet cleaning bombs here as we run over why we love them so much.

They’re such an easy eco swap

No one likes a dirty bathroom or the thought of the toxic slew of cleaning chemicals found in most mainstream household cleaners. As sustainable products become more popular, there’s more and more bathroom cleaning options popping up onto the market – which we at EcoVibe are super excited about!

Of all the DIY natural cleaning guides (like this one) and supermarket-sold products available right now, these handmade toilet bombs are the easiest swap we’ve found. All you need to do is drop the toilet cleaning bomb down the loo, wait as it fizzes, then clean away with your toilet brush as usual.

They actually work

Time for a quick chemistry lesson. As you pop the cleaning bomb into the toilet bowl, you’ll see a gentle bubble. That fizzing sensation is from the reaction of the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid with water. They react to form sodium citrate, as well as water and carbon dioxide. That sodium citrate is a great, well-known ingredient that is great for disinfecting and cleaning, without being as harsh as mainstream alternatives like bleach. These natural toilet cleaners are especially great if you have limescale problems since the citric acid helps to lift and bicarbonate of soda helps exfoliate the limescale away.

Top tip! These toilet bombs are also great for cleaning drains in your skinks, shower and bath which is especially good if you use natural soap bars as these will help clean away any leftover suds and residue.

They’re fully natural

These toilet cleaning bombs are made with simple ingredients, using only natural minerals and oils. The ingredients are fully biodegradable and non-toxic, making them safe for you, your family and the planet.

The packaging is totally natural too. They come packed in a simple paper bag that’s obviously plastic-free, fully recyclable and compostable too.



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