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5 Eco Tips for an Eco-Friendly Personal Care Routine

We’ve talked about tips to go green in your cleaning routine and how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle, but what about your beauty habits? Here, we give you the lowdown on sustainable self-care…

1. Go Green

Select eco-friendly products to incorporate into your routine. This might seem like an obvious one, but personal care is not always top of mind when it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle. However, there’s a green swap for almost everything, so, when your current products run out, do some research before you automatically repurchase.

2. Reusable Rules!

While being a bathroom staple, cotton wool and face wipes are bad news for the environment so do the planet, and your wallet, a favour and ditch them. Reusable pads are kinder to your skin and will save you money in the long run too. You can also swap your plastic razor for a more sustainable option and try a stainless steel razor. If you care for it well, it can last for years – win win!

3. Plastic-free

Have you ever thought about all the disposable plastic in your bathroom? Make an impact by cutting out single-use plastic where you can. A good and easy switch to make is bamboo cotton buds, you won’t notice a different, but the environment will. Shampoo bars are also a great addition to your routine as they’re not packaged in plastic, they tend to last longer than traditional shampoos and are often multi-use.

4. Vegan makeup

If you wear makeup, consider going vegan. It’s often better for your skin, as there’s less ingredients that can cause irritation, but it’s also a greener choice as there’s no harsh chemicals. Vegan makeup is also cruelty free, meaning it contains no animal-derived ingredients, and isn’t tested on animals.

5. Don’t forget to brush!

And make sure it’s with a sustainable toothbrush… bamboo toothbrushes are much better for the environment as bamboo is a natural, fully-biodegradable plant. For cleaning, try toothpaste tablets, they clean and foam just the same as your regular toothpaste but are a great alternative to plastic tubes of toothpaste – squeaky clean and saving the planet!
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