10 Eco-friendly products for a more sustainable lifestyle

10 Eco-friendly products for a more sustainable lifestyle

Being sustainable is trending for a reason - it feels great to shop ethically and have a positive impact on our planet. 

Ever wanted to know some simple sustainable swaps you can make to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Well, we've got your back! We share 10 of our favourite products, and to make it easier for you we’ve categorised them into household cleaning, kitchenware, and beauty so you can just make one change at a time. 

Ready to live a more sustainable lifestyle? We love to see it!

Household cleaning

Whether it’s a spring clean, late-night spruce, or just to wipe your surfaces down, switching up your cleaning to be more eco-friendly and sustainable is a great place to start. 

Cleaning refills

Want to cut your recycling, use high-quality cleaning products, AND help save the planet at the same time? Our cleaning refills are a fab way of reducing your environmental impact and if you pair them with the glass bottles, they look pretty great too. 

Our set of 5 glass bottles with soluble cleaning refills are an excellent starting kit for all your household cleaning needs, and produce a 94% less carbon footprint transport wise than pre-filled bottles!

Laundry egg

Our laundry egg is kind of a big deal. Late last year, it even featured on BBC’s ‘Shop Well for The Planet’. 

They’re a great way to stop your recycling bin from filling up with plastic bottles too. After 70 washes, you simply refill the pellets - it’s less messy than detergent, and is super low maintenance.  

Compostable bin liners

When trying to reduce plastic waste, we often think of what goes in the bin - but a great swap is the bin bag itself! Our bags are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free, and are just as sturdy as traditional bin bags.

We even have liners ready for your compost bin, and doggy poo bags too!

Compostable sponges

Most common kitchen sponges are made of materials that, like the plastic in bin bags, can’t be recycled. Those green or blue bobbles that rub off your kitchen sponge end up sneaking into our waterways as microplastics. Swapping to our compostable sponges replaces around 52 plastic sponges per year per person, and are great for use around the entire household - what’s not to love? 

Once you’re done, just pop them in your compost bin and leave them to it. Plus, we’re so sure you’ll love them that they even have a money-back guarantee.

Squeaky Clean Dish Washing Kit

Not sure where to start? Get our compostable sponges and a range of our other products with our Squeaky Clean Dishwashing Kit. If you get slowed down by having to swap to clean sponges or change your gloves, our sustainable, durable alternatives will help you to tackle those mountains of dishes in no time.


A lot of what goes on in our kitchen is recyclable (like packaging) or compostable (like vegetable peelings) but there are definitely a few more swaps you can make. 

Coffee cups

We can’t recommend this rice husk coffee cup enough. It’s insulated, leak-proof, and non-slip, which makes it a fab addition to your commute or your work-from-home set-up. 

Plus you can just take it to your favourite coffee shop to get a refill - a lot of coffee shops actually take some money off your bill for being sustainable!

Reusable sandwich wrap

Trying to save money and take a packed lunch to work now that offices are reopening? We have the perfect hidden gem. A reusable sandwich wrap cuts back on single-use plastics, and ours are handmade in the UK - we LOVE to see UK businesses being supported! 

Beauty products

You can practice self-care AND care for the planet with our sustainable beauty products and additions to your skincare routine. 

Reusable makeup remover pads

Traditional makeup wipes don’t clean your skin very deeply and are made up of huge amounts of plastic. This swap is cost-effective, and you can still partner it with your favourite skincare products! 

Micellar water

If you want to add a little bit of spice to your skincare routine, our micellar water is a great option. It contains all-natural ingredients, is packaged in a gorgeous glass bottle, and helps to cleanse and tone while removing your makeup.  

Wild deodorant

Most beauty products sit in your makeup bag for a really long time, but deodorants get frequent use, and most antiperspirant products come in single-use packaging which can’t be recycled. Wild offers a refillable, vegan, plastic-free alternative to this, and can encourage your body to sweat less over time. Plus, the coconut scent is the perfect summer vibe all year round.  

Hopefully, you have a great idea of what it takes to start your sustainable lifestyle journey, and how to make changes to your lifestyle routines that help the planet! We’ve taken you through sustainable switches to your household cleaning routine, eco-friendly kitchenware, and some fabulous beauty products because self-care is so important. Want some more eco-friendly product ideas? Then make sure you have a look back at some of our previous blogs on eco-friendly living.

If any of these products vibe with you, then let us know in the comments below or tag us in your posts over on  social media! 

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