Why our sponge & scrub pads are better than plastic ones - EcoVibe

Why sponge & scrub pads are better than plastic ones – EcoVibe

Our latest EcoVibe cleaning product has just been released and we couldn't be more excited! The newbie on the eco-scene is our wonderful Compostable Sponge and Scourer Duo Pack - two types of natural sponge and scrub pad combined in one handy pack to tackle all your household cleaning tasks. 

 We know you’ll love them so we just wanted to let you know exactly what makes our Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack so great!

1. They’re plastic-free

Traditional kitchen sponges and green scouring pads are made from Mother Nature’s least favourite substance: oil-based, landfill-clogging plastic. Synthetic sponges and scourer pads can't be recycled or composted... EVER. So every time you throw one away, you may feel your house is cleaner but here's the dirty truth: your discarded kitchen cleaning accessories will be building up, taking up landfill space for around 52,000 years! Nightmare. 

But here's the solution! Our completely plant-based sponge scourers are made from fully biodegradable ingredients. 

The sponge parts are cellulose - natural wood fibres - and the scourer pads are made from natural loofah plant and sisal cactus fibre! All of these ingredients are fully biodegradable after use (and can even be home composted). This means they'll break down to nothing, helping to save crucial landfill space. 

Our Compostable Sponge Scourer Duo is packaged in a card sleeve which can be composted too or easily recycled. 

Compostable Sponge Scourer Duo Pack

2. They’re super durable

We've designed these sponge scourers to be not only eco-friendly but hard-wearing too! Our scourers might be made from plants, but they've got great, non-scratch scrubbing power. Our duo pack contains two types of natural sponge and scourer combos:

  • Compostable sponge with sisal scouring side - for lighter scrubbing
  • Compostable sponge with loofah scouring side - for heavy-duty scouring

Our duo pack is perfect for any cleaning job around the house, ideal for washing the pots and cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom and other hard surfaces around the house.

Plant-based Scourer Side

3. They resist bacteria

Did you know that your innocent-looking dish sponge scourer could actually be making you sick? The germs lurking in your kitchen could actually be making your kitchen scrubber a huge shady nightclub for bacteria! While anti-bacterial versions might seem like a good idea, they actually contain triclosan, a much researched and potentially harmful chemical used in hand soaps and pesticides. While it is an antifungal agent, triclosan has been found to be very harmful to marine life.

Since it’s made from organic materials, pure cellulose sponge pads like ours resist bacteria much better than your average plastic sponge pad. That risk of bacterial contamination is low as these sponge pads contain enzymes that prevent bacterial growth.

Compostable Sponge Side

4. They make cleaner easier (and more eco-friendly)

Our hardworking sponge scourers are super springy and create a great lather, making every load of dishes or sweep of the surfaces faster and more effective. Not only will this save you time, but it'll reduce your need for things like paper towels too. It will also help reduce your paper towel use, which means you don’t need to use as many of our lovely Earth’s precious resources. On top of that, because they’re super springy, our sponges lather effectively, making every sweep to your plates faster and more efficient.

You can buy our Compostable Sponge Scourer Duo Pack here for just £3.99.

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