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Why choose small independent businesses?

Surprise hugs. A good night’s sleep. The last chocolate. It’s the little things that make our hearts sing. And that includes backing those small businesses that need our support now, more than ever.

Being a growing independent business that started off a couple of years ago as just a few friends with a big love the planet, we’re huge fans of supporting other indies, artisans and designers who also run their business with genuine love, sheer hard work and creativity. So, we’ve written something of a love letter for our fantastic partners to inspire this community with the top reasons to shop with independent businesses.


Sheffield-based Good Looking Glass' Lizzie making stained glass decorations.

Supporting real people

Choosing to shop with independent businesses means choosing to shop with real people, where your buying power can make a real difference. When you support these independent brands, you’re respecting the courage, risks and challenges they have faced by starting their own thing, as well as contributing to the realisation of their dreams.

By choosing people rather than boards, stockholders and algorithms, you’re going to receive a different kind of quality and care because the products and work you’re choosing are a reflection of the designers and makers own personal identity; the fruits of their passions, if you like. Unlike high street chains, your purchase will go beyond the bottomless corporate cash register to store owners’ real monthly intake and possibly even into their own personal monthly income.

& SISTERS daughter and mother duo Lucy and Claire Lettice.

& SISTERS daughter and mother duo Lucy and Claire Lettice.

Find real gems

Smaller, independent brands are going to offer you much more originality, personality and variety in their products than their homogenised alternatives ever could, since the indies both create and offer choice. We don’t know about you, but we’d rather see an elaborate tapestry full of unique and genuine identities keeping culture alive than the watered-down creativity that comes from mass-produced companies instead.

Reusable Cotton Gift Bags by UK company, Tabitha Eve

Reusable Cotton Gift Bags by Welsh company, Tabitha Eve.

Foster a community

Privately owned brick and mortars give our towns and cities shape and texture, they’re of, not just in, our communities. When you choose to shop with your local businesses, you’re putting money directly into your neighbourhood and strengthening it, which is going to bring you bags of reciprocal energy as you help foster a community amongst its inhabitants.  

While we might not be able to shop in many of our local shops due to lockdown restrictions, keep in mind that lots of them may have online stores, Etsy shops and Facebook pages you might be able to find their fantastic products and produce in instead.

Your local and sustainable independents

Looking to shop with small independents yourself this year? That's great! Get your inspiration from our infographic below, which features a collection of some of our favourite environmentally friendly businesses, or check out our UK Made Gifts collection.

EcoVibe Christmas - Support independent businesses


What's your favourite thing about shopping with your local independents? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below.

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