The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Holiday & Travel Essentials

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Holiday & Travel Essentials

Summer is officially here, which can only mean one thing. Holidays! Being an eco-conscious traveller can be hard though and we totally get it. Airmiles, driving, and staying at hotels all impact your carbon footprint. 

Luckily, we’ve created the ultimate eco-friendly holiday packing list so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday the green way. 

From solid shampoos and facial cleansers to toothpaste tablets, travel laundry detergent, period cups, doggy water bottles, and den kits, we’ve created the ultimate travel essentials list for the eco-conscious traveller.

Sun Protection 

First off, we gotta protect our skin.

Shampoo and conditioner bars

Shampoo bars are essential for any eco-conscious traveller. They’re plastic-free, totally natural and vegan-friendly too. A plus? They don’t count towards your liquids allowance, so you can rest assured that your hair care routine won’t suffer on your travels.

Travelling with just hand luggage? Save on space and take a 2 IN 1 conditioner and shampoo bar to cut down on product, whilst keep your luggage nice and lightweight

Staying at an eco-resort? Some eco-friendly accommodations recycle the water you use when you shower or bathe. This means the products you use need to be free from chemicals to not disrupt these systems. Some will provide you with products, but these won’t necessarily work for your hair type, so pack a shampoo bar that works for you.

Toothpaste tablets

As the old saying goes, don’t forget your toothbrush. But, don’t forget your toothpaste too! Toothpaste tablets are a fabulous way of cutting back on your liquid allowance as well as being great for the environment. 

To use, take one tablet and chew it in your mouth and then brush as normal. Great for if you’re camping, hiking, or at a festival! 

Similarly, you can also get a hold of mouthwash tablets that work in the exact same way - So, you can be sure to have your full mouth care routine covered.

Travel Laundry Detergent 

Going away for longer and need to keep your clothes looking and feeling fresh? We’ve recently launched Clothes Doctor on our site, who have a range of 3 wash minis that are your perfect travel companions. 

Coming in aluminium bottles the packaging is infinitely recyclable and the products are designed to care for specific fabrics and their exact needs which means your clothes will last longer. 

Travel and slow fashion-friendly - we love to see it!

Period cup 

Embracing your flow while on holiday can feel a bit counterintuitive but have you considered adding a menstrual cup to your holiday essentials list? They’re great for active lifestyles and are swimming friendly. 

Going for a long trip? Menstrual cups are a great travel companion as they can last for years. 

Plus - you’re protecting your favourite beaches too! Did you know that period products like tampons and sanitary pads are the fifth most common item found on Europe's beaches? Ew right? Well, it’s time to switch to something reusable and sustainable!


Dog water bottle

Taking your pooch with you? Whether it’s Bognor or Barbados it’s essential to keep your dog happy and hydrated while out and about. Our dog water bottles are simple to use and loved by dogs and owners alike. 

Simply turn the leaf bowl over and pour the water in. Easy right? It’s a compact solution that avoids buying bottled water while travelling and keeps your four-legged friend safe.

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