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The Great British September Clean: What is it about?

Did you know that the Great British September Clean begins this week? It's running from the 11th-27th of September and we're so excited for it to start!

What is the Great British September Clean?

Each year Keep Britain Tidy organises the Great British Spring Clean - which very sadly couldn't take place this year due to the Covid-19 (Safety comes first!).

Keep Britain Tidy have decided to run a Great British September Clean instead with the support of local authorities, charities, businesses and of course - all the lovely volunteers!
A family doing a beach clean together

Why is it important to keep litter out of our Environment?

Litter can be seriously harmful to the wildlife in our environment - with animals often ending up trapped inside discarded waste. If litter ends up in a river, it will eventually make its way out to see - contributing to the huge marine plastic crisis! If litter is properly dealt with on land then we can prevent animals or fish from ingesting it, reducing our impact on wildlife.

Further to this, it also poses sanitation risks to humans, as litter can block up sewage drains which can create floods - right on our doorstep!
A man picking up a polystyrene cup from the beach

How can you get involved and show support for the Great British September Clean?

We hope you're excited as we are at EcoVibe to get stuck in and participate in the Great British September Clean! Here are some ways that you can get involved and support this amazing campaign:
  1. Organise your own private clean-up with up to five other family and friends (government advice permitting!). Register your group here:
  2. Pledge to do your own individual clean-up - you only need to give as little as 15 minutes to the campaign, but if you can give more - amazing!
Please remember to follow the government's guidance on all activities - especially Wales or Scotland.

What will EcoVibe be doing for the Great British September Clean?

Each member of the team at EcoVibe is going to be doing some litter picking ourselves to help support the Great British September Clean! We'll be taking some photos and sharing them with you later on - why not take photos of your clean ups and tag Keep Britain Tidy?
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