The good news stories from March 2022

The good news stories from March 2022

The mainstream news is always filled with doom and gloom when it comes to news about our planet. And we totally get it, the temperatures and sea levels are rising and we’re producing more and more carbon. At EcoVibe though we want to celebrate some incredible wins each month. From innovative new products to fantastic not for profit projects, we love to see it! 

In this issue, we cover how EcoViber's have come together to support Ukraine, reflect on the impact of Earth Hour, highlight some great wildlife news, as well as an exciting way of supporting our pets to reduce their carbon footprint - the future is now! Let’s get started. 

EcoViber's come together for Ukraine

Coming together and supporting refugees and communities is something we love to see. At EcoVibe, we’ve been donating food essentials, our suppliers have donated hygiene products, and our customers have been purchasing essential items to send to Ukraine. Together, we’re making a difference. 

Shower Block have donated their shampoo and conditioner bars, and Milly & Sissy have donated shower kits. We’ve been packaging these up and sending them to local collection centres. When people have lost everything, providing basic hygiene products can make just a small difference. 

Similarly, whenever donating to your food bank, personal hygiene products from period pants to makeup removal pads are often gratefully received (and the great thing about eco-products is that they can be used over and over again).

Our customers have come together too, and are in their hundreds purchasing our Ukraine Essentials Kit. At cost price, we’ve created a pack that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap. The packs go straight to a drop-off point for Ukraine collections and we hope will make a small difference in the lives of many. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far - together we can make a difference!

Impact of Earth Hour 2022

Every year, participants across the globe are encouraged to switch off for one hour. The initiative encourages more sustainable choices such as meat-free eating, not wasting energy (such as leaving things on standby) and using more and more public transport or switching up short car rides with walking and cycling. 

The UK’s target for carbon emissions per person is 10.5 tonnes of carbon. This means that in just one hour, we should be saving over 5kg of carbon emissions. Want to find out how you measure up to the national average? Try the WWF’s calculator now. 

What can we learn from Earth Hour? Try integrating some sustainable choices into your day. Whether that’s offsetting the carbon emissions of your travels or having a meat-free Monday, there are a lot of small changes we can all make. 

Animal conservation wins in March 2022

It wouldn’t be an EcoVibe Eco Positive Newsletter without some wins from the natural world, and this month is no different. 

A first-of-its-kind rhino conservation project has been launched which brings strategies from the world of finance to wildlife conservation. Investors buy a rhino bond which increases in value if the rhino population increases. Like any investment, if the population of rhinos decreases there is a risk that investors will lose their money. 

What makes this great is that it incentivises these investors to do more and more for conservation, and to use their voices and profiles for good. We love to see it!

CODA wins best picture

CODA stands for Children of Deaf Adults and secured a historic win as Best Picture at the Oscars. 

The film, which highlights the deaf experience and the experience of young carers, centres on the experience of Ruby, a 17-year-old who is the sole hearing member of a predominately deaf family. Torn between familial duty and her ambitions as a musician the film is the first Oscar with a predominantly deaf cast to receive the Best Picture award. 

Ok, we realise this isn’t eco-news, but such a positive news story about inclusivity and acceptance cannot be ignored. 

Well done to all of the actors, producers, directors, and employees who worked on the film!

New ways of reducing your pets’ paw prints 

We’ve been going barking mad here at EcoVibe and recently launched a small range of pet based products, because why should the humans be having all the eco fun!?

Earlier this month, a UK based company announced that they were bringing lab-grown meat to the pet food market. Yep, we could be soon serving lab-grown meat to our 4 legged carnivorous friends. 

In terms of the impact that lab-grown meat is having on the human food market, lab-grown meat has been found to use 78 per cent less water, 95 per cent less land, and emits 92 per cent fewer CO2 emissions. Of course, at the moment, scalability and cost are major issues but as this becomes more and more mainstream we could see a massive shift in the market. 

Watch this space. 

Feeling more positive? 

We totally get it, there’s a lot going on, especially at the moment, but this means it is more important than ever to celebrate wins big and small and the power of community. That’s why we’ve covered the support that the EcoVibe team, our fantastic partners, and our customers have provided to the Ukraine appeal, chatted about why a win for CODA is so monumental and discussed what rhino conservation can learn from the finance sector. 

Got a positive win to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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