The best shampoo bar for your hair type

The best shampoo bar for your hair type

Ready to give shampoo bars a whirl, but no idea what shampoo bar will work best for your hair type? Luckily we’ve done the hard work for you by finding you the best bars for every hair type, from itchy scalps, to frizz, to shampoo bars that are just great for everyone, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even shared some of our favourite 2in1 conditioner and shampoo bars because they’re actually amazingly effective. 

We love shampoo bars at EcoVibe, as they’re such an easy way to reduce the plastic that we use in our bathrooms - ready to make the switch? Let’s find the shampoo bar for you!

For an itchy scalp

There’s nothing more irritating than an itchy scalp, and a lot of over the counter remedies and shampoos absolutely stink. 

Shower Blocks’ 2in1 shampoo and conditioner for itchy scalps is scented with an invigorating blend of ginger and honey and infused with cottonseed oil, a natural anti-inflammatory. Plus it conditions your hair too! 

A 2in1 is a great time-saver, saves money, and saves even more packaging, we love to see it!

For oily, limp hair

Desperate to inject some volume into your hair? Greasy hair can be caused by a build-up of products or simply the natural oils in your hair are produced more by your scalp than other people’s, luckily there are shampoo bars designed for oily hair. 

The Lamazuna Natural Shampoo Bar is made from lemon oil and Moroccan clay and smells delicious while the clay helps naturally remove oil. It’s palm oil and sulphates free too, and no sulphates mean you should be able to start washing your hair less while keeping oil at bay!

For hair that’s oily and fine

Fine hair can have a tendency to get greasier quicker, and can often lack volume too. We're here to fix that. 

Scented with lemon and tea tree, Shower Blocks’ have a deep cleaning 2in1 shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for fine and oily hair. Tea tree is a great cleanser while Crambe Abyssinica seed oil adds a healthy dose of conditioning for healthy feeling hair. 

For bleached hair

If you’ve dyed your hair to a lighter shade it can start to show some brassier tones. Opting for a “silver shampoo” can neutralise these, and luckily you can even get silver shampoo as a solid shampoo bar. 

Soul & Soaps ‘Oh So Silver’, contains some extra added goodness. As well as being plastic-free, their bar is cruelty-free and vegan and is jam-packed with some super special ingredients. 

Their silver shampoo bar contains vitamin B5 to moisturise hair and protect against environmental damage, cacao butter for healing and softening, and spirulina, to prevent hair thinning. 

For normal hair that’s feeling a bit fruity

If you’ve been planning to make the switch to solid shampoos for some time but need a bit of convincing, why not choose something super tropical to wake you up in the morning?

Shampoo bars are a great way of easily cutting down your plastic waste plus they’re normally made with natural ingredients which are better for you and your hair. It can take a few weeks for your hair to adjust, but once it does you’ll have healthier hair that you actually have to wash less, so you’ll even cut down the amount of water and energy you use by washing your hair. The benefits just keep on coming!

If you’re feeling a bit fruity, why not indulge in a pomegranate shampoo bar or even something more unusual like unicorn fruit (a blend of pineapple and citrus flavours)?

For dry hair

Feeling brittle? Got hair that’s in need of some extra self-care? Indulge in a super smoothing shampoo bar. 

Lamazuna shampoo bar for dry hair contains organic coconut oil which naturally soothes and protects dry hair. Unlike a lot of bottled shampoos for dry hair which contain sulphates that can build up on your scalp, Lamazuna’s is sulphate free as well as being eco-friendly and sustainable. 

For hair that needs a really deep cleanse

Have you become reliant on a lot of products? Does your scalp and hair have a build-up of years and years of dodgy shampoo use without a deep cleanse? 

Beauty Kitchen’s spearmint, coconut and orange shampoo bars are ready to come to the rescue. The formula will deep cleanse your hair and scalp. It lathers up really easily and will help you achieve bouncy luscious locks in no time. 

Plus Beauty Kitchen are B-Corp certified which means they do good for people and the planet!

For hair that needs the frizz tamed

Does your hair frizz up in the summer months, or when you visit far-flung places on your travels with high humidity? We feel you!

Shampoo bars are an amazing accompaniment on your travels, especially if you’re only travelling with hand luggage as they don’t use up any of your precious liquids allowances. Going somewhere humid? Then Shower Blocks’ 2in1 shampoo and conditioner bars for frizzy hair are nearly as essential as packing your toothbrush. Plus you only need to pack one thing for all your shampoo and conditioning needs.

Infused with macadamia oil for extra added moisture, you’ll have silky smooth locks in no time! 

No holidays planned? Well, this shampoo bar will whisk you away to the tropics with its coconut and cacao scent - dreamy!


We’ve covered every different hair worry and matched you with your perfect shampoo bar. From dry itchy scalps to thin and oily hair, to a shampoo bar that will help tame the frizz, we’ve got you covered with our 10 favourite solid shampoos on the market. They’re a fantastic addition to your bathroom routine and you’ll quickly feel that your hair is happier and healthier by switching to a more natural hair care routine.

Ready to make the switch? We’re so here for it!


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