The best 6-step eco-friendly shaving routine for women

The best 6-step eco-friendly shaving routine for women

Troubled by a shaving rash? Bothered by shaving bumps? We get it, and we're here to the rescue. 

Let’s face it, for guys, they have someone to show them how to do their first shave, it’s a right of passage. But for us women, we’re mainly shown how fabulous we will look, emerging from a mythical seascape if we’ve got smooth legs rather than how to achieve them safely. 

More often than not, shaving takes place in some pretty intimate, and super sensitive areas, so it’s no wonder that ingrown hairs and rashes are commonplace. Luckily there is a way to shave to help minimise this, and it’s eco-friendly too!

We take you through the type of razor you should be using, why fresh blades are our friends, and why a wet shave is a no-no before taking you through a super simple 6-step eco-friendly shaving routine. 

Invest in a reusable razor

Billions of plastic razors end up in landfills each year and they’re actually not a very good shave. Yep, shock horror, those multi-blade razors that have been marketed to us for decades are actually fake news!

More blades, cause more consequences. They’re more likely to cut hair that is actually below the skin’s surface, causing ingrown hairs and irritation. Plus the multi-blade razor cartridges are expensive to replace and come in more plastic. 

It’s time to choose a safety razor that will last a lifetime, and that only needs new double-edged razor blades. 

They’ll look great, last a really long time, and save you a lot of money and waste. They’re a big win!



Step away from the dull blades

If your razor blades are showing signs of wear and tear, then it is time to switch up the blades. A dull blade can cause a lot of skin concerns like nicks, cuts, and razor bumps, we could go on and is a one-way ticket to a shaving fail. 

Consider switching up your blades every 5-7 shaves, depending on the size of the area you are shaving. As soon as your shave starts to feel less comfortable though, it’s time to switch. 

Fresh razor blades are cheap to buy, easy to switch and a true skin saviour!



Don’t dry shave

We get it, it can be so tempting to just give your legs a quick last-minute shave before you leave the house but dry shaving is a big no-no. Dry shaving puts you at a lot higher risk of those nasty nicks that bleed forever - so that time saved was pretty pointless anyway.

Ready for an eco-friendly shave? Let’s get started

Step 1: Exfoliate

Get rid of dry skin and give yourself a smooth canvas for your shave. There are some gorgeous at home body exfoliants you can create with the likes of sugar and coffee grounds but if you want to opt for the simple life, a buff will do you just fine. 


Step 2: Soak

Whether it’s a shower or a bath, you should always make sure your shave is towards the end of your routine so that your hair has softened with the heat and moisture. 

Step 3: Use a shaving bar

Give your razor a smooth glide by investing in a solid shaving bar. It’ll lather up, help you get a smooth shave, and moisturise your skin. 

It’s a great alternative to an aerosol shaving foam which is nearly impossible to recycle! 


Step 4: Shave upwards

Long, upward, steady strokes are best and you should never have to press particularly hard. Give your razor a quick swill between strokes to get rid of the fuzz and extend the life of your blades, and take some extra care around those tough areas like ankles and knees. 

Step 5: Pat dry 

A vigorous rub with a towel can cause a shaving rash, especially if your towel isn’t freshly cleaned. Be gentle and pat yourself dry. 

 We love bamboo towels as they’re actually naturally antibacterial and microbial so stay fresher for longer, perfect for freshly shaved skin. 


Step 6: Moisturise

Shaving can remove some of the skin's natural moisture so it’s essential that you replenish it, in between shaves too!

Choose something neutral that won’t irritate your skin and that will soothe any irritation. 

Why not check out your local eco-shop for a soothing moisturiser refill? 


Feeling ready to embrace the smooth? 

Whether you love to be smooth every day, or just for the summer season, we’ve shown you how to reduce your plastic waste in 6 simple steps. Our eco-friendly shaving routine covered the importance of exfoliation and moisturising, why you should never dry shave, what your shaving strokes should be like, and introduced you to a great alternative to shaving foam. Plus we shared why multi-blade razors aren’t as great for smoothness as we once thought and why embracing single blade razors is the future.

Got any extra special eco-friendly shaving tips? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to see them!

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