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Our Seriously Good Eco-Friendly Swaps Box!

From small changes to big gestures, there’s lots of ways to help protect the environment. We’ve often found that it’s the small changes that can help to have the biggest impact because it helps to build a consistent routine.

One of the most beneficial changes to make is to swap out everyday items for eco-friendly products to be used at home. We want to help you make this change as easily as possible, which is why we offer our Seriously Good Swaps box filled with environmentally friendly products!


How does the box work?

Our Seriously Good Swaps box contains five of our favourite samples. Products that have been included in previous boxes include a compostable sponge and laundry detergent strips. 

We love the compostable sponge because it’s 100% biodegradable, durable and absorbent. The sponge can retain up to 10 times its own weight in water and is more environmentally friendly than sponges made out of petrochemicals.

The laundry strips are also great additions to the home because they are plastic-free, paraben-free, phosphate-free and recyclable. Compared to other detergent products they have a much smaller carbon footprint and are 94% lighter than a load’s worth of traditional detergent.

Another eco-friendly item included in a previous box was our biodegradable bin liner. Super strong and durable, the bin liner is plastic-free and made from organic material and wind-powered electricity. The liner will break down after six months, so they are ideal for composting.


Launching with new products

We’ll be launching our next Seriously Good Swaps box across our social channels and via email with new samples. By using the products, you’ll be in a better position to start making changes to your routine to help protect the environment in the long term.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the box when you’ve received it, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @ecovibeuk and Twitter. Share a picture of the items, tell us how you’ve used them and spread the good word about eco-friendly home products.

Keep your eyes on our social channels and we look forward to sending your box out soon.


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